#3 is brilliant!

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
Updated June 08, 2018

Some days, you've got enough farmer's market bounty to last the entire weekend. Other days, you barely have enough food to forage together a dinner pour deux. Keep these five freezer staples on hand at all times and you'll never panic over "what's for dinner?" again.

1. Corn

Yes, we know, the fresh stuff is best, but in a pinch, a bag of frozen corn can bulk up pasta dishes and soups. Did we also mention a bag of frozen corn makes an excellent ice pack for sore limbs and shoulders?

2. Spinach

A bag of frozen spinach lasts for ages and you can boost your morning smoothies with a handful of the nutrient-dense green. Or, if you desperately need to grocery shopping, but have a box of pasta and a can of chickpeas or some shrimp on hand...dinner is served.

3. Pine Nuts

Storing your pine nuts in the freezer extends how long they'll last. Since summers are made for tasty pestos with plenty of fresh herbs, you'll be glad you have an extra bag on hand whenever you want to make a quick sauce for grilled fish, pasta, or salad.

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4. Mango

Impromptu party? You'll be glad you have this tropocal fruit on hand to jazz up a round of frozen cocktails.

5. Vodka

Chilled vodka, on demand, for breezy summer nights? Yes, please.

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