There really is no such thing as a free lunch.

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated May 24, 2017
Diane Collins/Jordan Hollender/Getty

There really is no such thing as a free lunch.

A London café is handing out gratis meals — but they come with a catch: Your order is only free if you do a six-minute mini-workout first.

The Run For Your Bun café is part of David Lloyd Clubs, an Equinox-like gym in the United Kingdom, and the company hopes to “encourage sedentary office workers to be more active,” according to a press release.

Under the eye of a trainer, hungry customers will do a quick HIIT workout that includes a minute each on a rowing machine, a spin bike and a treadmill, followed by another 60 seconds each of sit-ups, bodyweight squats and lunges with 30 seconds of rest between each exercise.

In return, they can pick from a menu that includes dishes like a grilled chicken breast burger with tomato, red onion and garlic mayo, and a pita pocket filled with greens and smoked salmon or grilled halloumi cheese.

The café hopes to counter the effects of sitting all day at an office.

“According to our research, British office workers spend almost 90 percent of the working day sat down being inactive and invariably eating lunch at their desks — an issue compounded by the huge popularity and convenience of food and shopping delivery apps,” David Lloyd Clubs’ Elaine Denton says in the press release.

And Denton adds that they aren’t implying that you have to work out to earn your lunch.

“Importantly, the cafe isn’t in any way about encouraging people to ‘cancel out’ calories through exercise,” she says. “Indeed, the micro workout at Run For Your Bun only represents a fraction of the calories contained in any of the lunch items … We think it’s more responsible to highlight the benefits of being a little bit more active on a regular basis.”

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