Chop and slice in style with this wood cutting board that’s anything but basic.

By Rachel Sylvester
Updated October 30, 2018

If there’s anything we love here at Real Simple, it’s a useful kitchen tool. Show us a tried-and-true appliance or an unexpected gadget that takes the guesswork out of meal prep, and there’s a good chance we already own one (or three). Which is exactly why we can’t stop obsessing over the practicality of this genius wood cutting board from the culinary pros at Food52.

The Five Two Double-Sided Cutting Board ($99; was created after polling over 10,000 members of the Food52 community, and the result is a quality wood board crafted from solid maple that’s equipped with a few unexpected features. To start, the cutting board is double-sided, with one side designated for carving, and the other reserved for chopping or showcasing your enviable cheeseboard-arranging skills.

High-quality wood means the board will see you through kitchen renos or a cross-country move, and features like an easy-grip edge and an extra-deep juice groove ensure you can channel your inner Julia Child without making a mess of your countertop. In addition to its durability, the other innovative detail we’re loving includes a phone slot, so you can easily prop up your smartphone and scroll through the Real Simple recipe you’re prepping. Bonus: The slot also keeps rogue eggs from rolling off your kitchen counter.

Buy the board for yourself at, or purchase one for a fellow foodie before the holidays are through.