This is un-brie-lievable 
uk cheese festival is bad
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A London event called the “Giant Cheese Board” was apparently such a disaster it’s being compared to Fyre Festival. According to first hand accounts, the event—which was marketed as offering unlimited cheese and wine—was oversold and undersupplied, leaving hundreds of people feeling swindled. According to the event’s Facebook page, the cheese event was intended to be a multiple day extravaganza beginning December 16 “where you can take as much cheese [and] mulled wine as you like all day long… and a party too.” However, after just the first day, multiple people took to social media to describe their dissatisfaction with both the event’s organization and lack of follow-through on promised event features.

Hannah J Davies attended the festival along with some friends, each of whom paid £37.50 (about $50) for a ticket. Davies wrote about the event for Vice, describing a late start, long lines of people both waiting to get in and looking for the promised giant cheese board, not to mention terrible food.

“We waited in line for students in sad cardboard mouse ears and smudged face paint to dole out cheese which tasted somewhere between corner shop ‘cheddar’ and that shrink-wrapped plasticky stuff you sometimes get on easyJet flights,” Davies writes. “Some people also received strawberries, a combo no one really understood.”

Those who arrived at the event later than Davies didn’t even get to sample cheese. According to several accounts on Twitter and Facebook, the event quickly ran out of their so-called unlimited supply of cheese, meat, bread, and mulled wine.

In a comment on the Giant Cheese Board’s Facebook event page, the team defends all negative comments leveled against the event, stating that they never ran out of cheese and that lots of people “had a great time.” Interestingly, the original event page—including many negative comments made by those who attended the event—has been deleted. Although the event managers claim Facebook deleted the page, it seems like too much of a coincidence.

The cheese event is another in a series of failed food events. This past August, a taco festival held in Portland, Oregon, had to send everyone home after they ran out of tacos. September’s New York City Pizza Fest charged $75 and served nothing but tiny pieces of cold pizza (it’s currently being looked into by the New York State Attorney General). Another festival in England also ran out of cheese—but that event at least only cost $8.

This story originally appeared on Extra Crispy.

This Story Originally Appeared On Extra Crispy