This flight deal is the perfect excuse to plan that romantic getaway. 

By Melanie Lieberman
Updated February 14, 2018
Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

Could there be anything sweeter than buy one, get one airplane tickets to a dreamy destination like Italy or Greece?

We think not.

This Valentine’s Day, Emirates is encouraging couples to plan a romantic vacation by selling two tickets for the price of one.

The airline’s most affordable bundle is a $799 set of tickets to Milan, Italy (that means $399.50 per person), followed by $899 flights to Athens. (Split two ways, you could get a Greek getaway for $449.50.)

Emirates is also offering companion fare flights to Dubai, Tehran, Hyderabad, and Bangladesh, among others.

Travelers should note the sale is valid on business and first class fares, too, meaning you can travel in Emirates’ lauded premium cabin starting at $4,999 (that’s less than $2,500 per person).

Travelers have four days to book these companion fares, which disappear at 11:59 p.m. EST on Saturday, Feb. 17.

Travel to Milan and Athens is valid from Feb. 21 until March 26; April 1 through May 9; and Aug. 20 through Dec. 2. Flights to all other destinations can be booked between Feb. 21 and May 10, and from July 29 through Dec. 2.