Put a twist on traditional with these non-carve pumpkin designs for Halloween. There will be no chance of any nasty knife injuries plus your pumpkins will last longer, too


Let’s face it, pumpkin carving can be a messy and tricky business. No doubt that’s why non-carve pumpkin ideas are being embraced wholeheartedly by interior and crafting bloggers and instagrammers. No knife is required, yet the results are super effective and will be a fabulous addition to any Halloween-decorated home.

Take a look at these incredibly inventive, non-carve pumpkin ideas.

Balloon, No-Paint Dip Dye Pumpkins


We’ll start simple – oh so simple. This smart hack from Chasingstaturdays.com is a brilliant and effective last-minute Halloween pumpkin design idea. It takes no time at all and very little skill. It may look like you’ve spent a messy afternoon carefully dip-dying pumpkins with a perfect horizontal finish, but in actual fact, these are just mini pumpkins wrapped in colourful rubber balloons with the tops cut off – genius!

DIY Pun-Kins


PUNKINS! Oh my, DIYstudio have hit on a gem of an idea. It’s just as fun thinking up witty and spooky puns to transfer onto the pumpkins as it is crafting them. If you’re not a professional calligrapher (yes that’s an actual job) then just paint and tattoo paper is all you need to make this oh-so-effective pumpkin idea. These clever DIY’ers have even produced the pun printables for you to download and use.

Confetti Pumpkins


We think these little beauties from homeyohmy.com would make a gorgeous Halloween centrepiece piled high, especially if you are entertaining guests with a spooky inspired dinner this year. Who says Halloween can’t be glam?! Made from strips of shiny gold washie tape, less is definitely more.

The blogger has also posted some rather swish striped copper versions, and we think they’d work so well together.

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Chevron Pumpkins


If you want your porch to look totally on trend this Halloween, try these seriously cool chevron pumpkin designs from mysweetsavannahblog.com. Using masking tape and a contrasting paint colour, you can create an effective zig-zags around the vegetable.

Why stop there? Any geometric patterns would look fantastic. This pumpkin design idea takes a little more skill, so check out the blog page for full step-by-step instructions.

Indigo Ink Marble Pumpkins


Believe it or not, this beautiful inky indigo effect has been created with nail polish! It looks irresistible stained on these cute white pumpkins, but look closely, as Alice and Lois have used the marble treatment on both real pumpkins and some faux novelty pumpkins. They all look super stylish, can you tell the difference? We can’t.

We hope these have inspired you to go and create something spook-tacular!

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