This is not a drill! If you've tried every hay fever medicine possible without luck, a gin and tonic could be the solution.

By Jessica Ransom
Updated June 22, 2017
Woman Magazine

For those that are fed up with the misery of hay fever there is finally some good news, and it doesn’t involve another highly priced, inefficient super tablet or nose spray. In fact, it couldn’t be simpler. Just grab yourself a bottle of gin, some tonic water and pour! A new study has found that this tasty beverage can help hay fever sufferers! As if we needed another excuse to enjoy an ice cold gin and tonic in the sun…

Yes, really! We love the hot weather but who wants to go for a drink with itchy eyes, a blocked nose and a scratchy throat?

Ordinarily, alcohol is known to worsen symptoms of hay fever and asthma due to the histamine and sulphites it contains. This is exactly what your hay fever tablets are trying to work against (anti-histamine)…

However, Asthma UK has revealed that a switch to gin is better for your hay fever than other boozy drinks.

Why is a gin and tonic good for Hay fever?

Gin has a low level of histamine which means hay fever sufferers can still enjoy the fun of a boozy brunch or summery evening drink! Sadly, Asthma UK have said that drinking a gin and tonic will not cure your symptoms but it certainly won’t worsen them.

Drinks like red wine and beer are high in histamine so it is worth avoiding them if you suffer with hay fever.

In more good gin news, it is also sulphite free thanks to its distillery process (this is also true for vodka). So opting for one of these clear spirits could help curb those horrible symptoms of hay fever.

And if your gin and tonic can’t cure your symptoms, at least it should help you forget about them!

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