One of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars is particularly thrifty when it comes to her laundry.

By Blake Bakkila
Updated July 14, 2017
Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Drew Barrymore’s secret to stain-free clothes? Dreft’s Laundry Stain Remover.

On Tuesday night, the actress and mom to daughters Olive, 4, and Frankie, 3, shared her go-to product on Instagram.

“#beautyjunkieweek @dreft ok I am a stain remover junkie and when you get make up on any of your clothes, this is the best fighter you will ever find. I discovered it with my kids when they were babies. And it really does what nothing else can do for removing unwanted anything! Trust,” she wrote, sharing a photo of the spray bottle.

You can get your hands on a 22-ounce bottle for just $2.87 at Walmart.

Dreft, a baby-friendly brand with a “product for every stage of babyhood,” is owned by Procter & Gamble. Offering everything from powder and liquid detergent to multi-surface wipes, Dreft touts that its formula is gentle on the baby and tough on stains.

Barrymore’s stain remover also comes in pen form. Dreft’s portable pretreater stain pen is one of Real Simple’s game-changing laundry products all readers should know about. You can purchase two for just $10 on

Over the past few days, the star has been sharing her favorite beauty products and hashtagging “#beautyjunkieweek.” The Philip B conditioner and Living Proof’s Restore line are just a few of her staples.

Though best known for her popular films, Barrymore has spent much of her time developing FLOWER Beauty, a quality makeup line with an affordable price tag. Makeup products range from $8-$14 and are all cruelty-free.

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