Walt Disney World and other Orlando area theme parks weathered the storm.

By Bailey Bennett
Updated September 11, 2017
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While Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys and some parts of Southern Florida over the weekend, the Orlando area received a slightly lesser blow, boding well for local theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios.

While all area parks (including Legoland and SeaWorld) were closed Sunday and Monday due to the storm, the amusement parks are working to get back on their feet as quickly as possible. The Orlando area did suffer through Irma’s dangerous winds and heavy rain, but power remained on in the Disney parks and resorts throughout the weekend, Fortune reported. Orlando was still experiencing stormy conditions as of Monday morning.

As of now, Disney is hoping to reopen their gates on Tuesday, September 12, and operate under normal hours. However, damage assessments of the parks and recommendations from local officials could result in further closures.

Disney has been updating any guests and cast members who rode out the storm in Disney resorts on their official in-park Twitter feed.

“Despite the weather, we hope our evening was comfortable,” a recent update reads. “As a reminder, we continue to observe local curfews and ask that you remain in your Resort room/building for your safety. We will inform you once the curfew is lifted.”

The Twitter account also shared photos of characters keeping children entertained with games and meet and greets during the lockdown.

Disney, as well as other area parks, are expected to update guests on plans to reopen later Monday.

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