These are the most affordable cleaning hacks, ever.
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5 Things You Didn’t Know Denture Tablets Could Clean
Credit: Corey Olsen

If you're decades away from dentures, you've probably never thought to add denture cleaning tablets to your grocery shopping list. But you should. As it turns out, the fizzy tablets can do much more than get dentures sparkly clean—over the years, Real Simple editors have discovered that they can work the same magic on everything from dingy sneakers to toilet bowls. Our editors have compiled these and many more brilliant cleaning tricks in Real Simple Spring Cleaning ($14;, your new cleaning guidebook full of time-saving tips and hacks you've never heard before. Plus, with each tablet priced at just eight cents ($10 for 120 tablets;, this is one of the cheapest cleaning tricks you'll ever try.

Spruce Up Your Sneakers

If you have a pair of non-leather sneakers that are looking a little dingy, place them in a basin of warm water with a couple denture tablets. Use an old toothbrush to scrub any stubborn stains, then rinse and let the shoes air-dry.

Clean Stained Food Containers

If you think your plastic food containers are permanently stained thanks to last week's spaghetti dinner leftovers, think again. Try filling the containers with warm water, then drop in two or three denture cleaning tablets. This trick works because the tablets contain baking soda and citric acid, explains Laura Fuentes, cookbook author and founder of When the tablets fizz, the stain-fighting ingredients will help restore your Tupperware.

Care for Your Porcelain

If your porcelain serving dishes are looking spotty, fill them with warm water and drop in a couple fizzy tablets. Presto—the stains will disappear like magic.

De-Spot Glass Vases

Fill the vase with warm water, then drop in one tablet for every eight ounces of water. Let it sit for as long as specified on the package, then rinse.

Quick Clean the Toilet Bowl

No one likes to scrub a dirty toilet bowl—for a hands-free technique, simply drop in a few denture tablets and let the fizzing tablets work on the stains. Let sit for 20 minutes, give a quick swipe with a toilet brush, and flush. Viola—a clean toilet bowl, no scrubbing necessary.

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