And a bottle is less than $10.

By Tim Nelson
February 16, 2021

For those who believe in the primacy of quantity over quality, Costco is your kingdom. Since its inception, the big box retailer has been big on bulk, offering its members the chance to hoard more of a particular item than they could ever dream of at a low price — especially when their in-house Kirkland Signature brand (makers of everything from jeans to coffee) is behind it. 

But will Costco shoppers go with the Kirkland flow when it comes to wine if another name is attached to the product? Well, we're about to find out. 

Customers shop at a Costco.
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| Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

First revealed in the January 2021 issue of Costco Connection magazine, Kirkland Signature K Vine wines mark the first explicit co-venture between Kirkland Signature and a winery. In this case K Vintners, a Walla Walla, Wash. winery led by 2009 Food & Wine Winemaker of the Year and former rock band manager Charles Smith, has come on board.

The collaboration between Costco and the pedigreed vintner will begin bearing fruit in the form of a K Vine 2019 single-vineyard Chardonnay, as well as a 2020 single-vineyard rosé for those who feel like getting a (very early) head start on their summer drinking. Because Kirkland Signature has a reputation to uphold, the Costco Wine Blog notes that each has a price point of just $9.99, despite the fact that a more legit brand now has its name attached. 

While some winemakers may not want word getting out that they're working with Costco, Smith doesn't shy away from putting K Vintners' name on the bottle.  

"I insisted on it, actually. I wanted people to know that we own it," Smith told Costco Connection of his decision to make K Vintners a not-so-silent partner. "To me, writing a book without putting the author's name on it seems like a waste. I mean, you might be a fan of that author, and how otherwise are you going to discover it?" 

Costco fans should start seeing that K Vines Chardonnay and rosé in store sometime soon if they haven't already. I already can't wait to figure out which one pairs better with a cheap food court hot dog. 

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