This Compact Coffee Maker Brews the Perfect Single Cup, According to Reviewers

It’s less than $30 on Amazon
By Alex Warner
October 05, 2020
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There’s nothing like waking up to the rich aroma and crisp taste of a good cup of coffee in the morning. While there are many methods for brewing, Amazon shoppers are convinced every coffee connoisseur needs to try this little pour-over coffee maker because it’s changed the way they drink their morning cup.  

Made from 100 percent BPA-free glass, the compact carafe makes the perfect single-serve cup of coffee — and it doesn’t take up much space on your countertop. It comes with a reusable mesh stainless steel filter that traps medium-fine grounds, allowing the natural flavors to drip through. By removing paper filters, which can strip flavor, you’re getting the best from your beans and choosing a more eco-friendly option. 

The Coffee Gator has racked up over 2,300 five-star ratings from customers who say it gives them that “coffee shop flavor at home.” Hand-drip coffee is one of the more simple methods for brewing, and while it takes a little extra time and effort to make, plenty of customers say it’s worth it.

Credit: Amazon

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“What's not to love? This is my first pour over coffee maker and it's amazing,” one wrote. “My coffee has never tasted better. The extra time it takes to make my coffee in the morning is totally worth it. I wake up in the morning and look forward to doing it. It makes the coffee taste so smooth, you can't beat it.”

To make yours, simply add your favorite coffee grounds to the filter and slowly pour boiling water over them in a circular motion. Let it drip through into the canister, then gradually add more water until you’ve used it all. Once it’s finished dripping, remove the filter, and voila

“Small pot brewing has changed my world,” another wrote. “I love that I can get a consistently great cup of coffee.” 

Compared to the French press method, one shopper said the drip process is far superior. “I've been using a French press for a couple of years now, and while I do love that method, I tasted a proper cup of pour-over finally and thought that I needed to switch over. It's crystal clear coffee — none of the muddiness you get with French press — and then also you don't get that bitter over-steeped flavor that comes with French press. So this method, I think, works best for an optimal cup of coffee that won't change flavors on you as you're drinking it.” 

You don’t need to leave your home to brew yourself a mug of barista-worthy coffee. Shop the 14-ounce Coffee Gator carafe for just $26 on Amazon.