The hybrid drink comes in vanilla, caramel, and dark.

Coffee Coca-cola
Credit: Coca-Cola

Can't decide whether to crack open a can of Coke or brew a cup of coffee? Now you don't have to choose.

Coca-Cola announced it's latest offering in the U.S. on Friday: Coca-Cola with Coffee. Each 12-oz. can is infused with Brazilian Coffee and packs 69 mg of caffeine (nearly double the amount in a typical can of Coke.) The new beverage claims to have the same taste of a classic Coke but with a hint of coffee flavor in three varieties — dark, vanilla, and caramel.

This isn't Coca-Cola's first coffee-infused beverage. Last year they launched a soda-coffee hybrid in 25 countries with major success. You'll have to wait a little longer to taste test these cans, though: The new drink won't be available nationwide until January 2021, unless you're apart of Coca-Cola's Insider Club. Members of the club will receive a special taste before it hits the market early next year.

Coffee Coca-cola
Credit: Coca-cola

While you wait for Coca-Cola with Coffee to hit the market, you can try some other crazy coffee-infused foods — like cereal.

dunkin' cereal
Credit: dunkin'

Dunkin' recently partnered with Post to turn two of their most popular drinks into cereal. Coming in two flavors – Caramel Macchiato and Mocha Latte — each box of sweet puffs contains a small amount of caffeine to jumpstart your morning.

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