And then she ate it.

By Jessica Fecteau, Reagan Alexander
Updated May 24, 2017
2017 JB Lacroix
JB Lacroix

You may normally not put the word “burger” in the same sentence as Cindy Crawford, but the model is showing off her cooking skills—and you’re going to want to get in on the action. Crawford, 51, has teamed up with Umami Burger as part of their Artist Series to create a special, sky-high burger. For this endeavor, she joined forces with her husband Rande Gerber, who created a custom margarita using his Casamigos Tequila (co-owned by George Clooney) to enjoy with the meaty creation. “Normally you don’t think burger and margarita, but we drink everything with Casamigos, so the fun for us was to work together,” Crawford told PEOPLE at an event in Santa Monica for the collaboration. “I do eat burgers a lot, actually. I don’t normally eat the bun, I will say that, but you need something to hold it together.” For every Cindy’s Casa Burger sold, Umami will donate $1 to Crawford’s chosen charity —American Family Children’s Hospital in Wisconsin.

The burger itself is quite a mouthful, featuring 11 components: two jalapeño studded beef patties with miso-mustard, crushed avocado, fresh tomato, butter lettuce, American cheese, Umami house spread and caramelized onions, all topped off with queso fresco and tortilla chips tossed in salsa brava. Gerber’s Spicy Margarita is a mix of his Casamigos Tequila Blanco with lime juice, orange juice, simple syrup, PAMA infusion, Serrano pepper and Mezcal Cointreau foam, and can be found at eleven of Umami’s full-bar locations.

Crawford chose the American Family Children’s Hospital as her charity because of her close relationship with them.

“My brother [who died from Cancer] was treated there, so I go back at least every five years, but usually more, to help raise money or to do a reunion with Cancer survivors,” Crawford says. “Certain things come along that have all of the stars in alignment, and this felt like one of them.”