Gingerbread cheesecake, anyone?

favorite christmas treats map
Credit: Courtesy of Zippia

As we prepare to spend this holiday season at home, I’ve been planning all the tasty treats I’ll be whipping up in the kitchen. Forget Christmas dinner—my favorite thing to make for the holidays is dessert. Whether it’s decorated Christmas cookies or festive holiday desserts, I look forward to making (and eating) these seasonal sweets all year. 

But with so many delicious options, I’ve been having trouble narrowing down what I want to make. After learning that there were so many regional differences in Thanksgiving side dish preferences, I wanted to know what the most popular Christmas treat in my area is. Luckily, the career and research site Zippia conducted a cross-country survey of the most-Googled treats and recipes in each state and put together an interactive map of their findings—and some of the results are surprising.

It turns out that 20 states prefer to make holiday cakes, while nine others are busy whipping up festive cheesecake recipes for the Christmas season. Another 12 states are all about the Christmas candy (understandable) and 10 more are all-in on decorated holiday cookies. Here are the most popular Christmas treats in every state. 

Alabama: Red velvet cake

Alaska: M&Ms

Arizona: Hot chocolate

Arkansas: Cheesecake

California: Peppermint chocolate chip cookies

Colorado: Gingerbread cake

Connecticut: Cheesecake

Delaware:  Chocolate chip cookies

Florida: Cheesecake

Georgia: Red velvet pound cake

Hawaii: Oreo cheesecake

Idaho: Candy canes

Illinois: Chocolate Santas

Indiana: Pudding

Iowa:  Oreo balls

Kansas: Cinnamon rolls

Kentucky: Pudding

Louisiana: Pudding

Maine: Chocolate truffles

Maryland: Gingerbread cake

Massachusetts: Christmas trifle

Michigan: Cheesecake

Minnesota: Peppermint kiss cookies

Mississippi: Red velvet cake

Missouri: Vegan Christmas cookies

Montana: Yule log cake

Nebraska: York Peppermint Patties

Nevada: Cheesecake

New Hampshire: Gingerbread men

New Jersey: Chocolate Santas

New Mexico: Cheesecake

New York: Cheesecake

North Carolina: Fruitcake

North Dakota: Peanut butter blossoms

Ohio: Cheesecake

Oklahoma: Cheesecake

Oregon: Peppermint bark

Pennsylvania: Gingerbread cheesecake

Rhode Island: Christmas trifle

South Carolina: Fruitcake

South Dakota: Sugar cookies

Tennessee: Pudding

Texas: Peppermint chocolate chip cookies

Utah: Jolly Ranchers

Vermont: Chocolate chip cookies

Virginia: Gingerbread men

Washington: Skittles

West Virginia: Fudge

Wisconsin: Andes Peppermints

Wyoming: Eggnog

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