How do you feel about beans in your dessert?

By Collier Sutter
Updated August 24, 2017
Christina El Moussa
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Baking a batch of fudgy brownies and only grabbing one is a level of willpower few of us actually have—but with this trick from Christina El Moussa you don’t have to practice much restraint.

The Flip or Flop star says her secret to eating copious amounts of the chocolate treat all starts with one unexpected ingredient: black beans. El Moussa told Delish that she loves snacking on these brownies because they’re “delicious and nutritious.”

The HGTV regular admits she was originally turned off by having legumes in her dessert. “At first, I thought they’d taste like beans, basically, and I kind of thought they’d taste really gross,” she says in the video above, “but, when I had one, it didn’t at all. It’s probably my favorite brownie I’ve ever had.”

“I seriously had them, like, every single day for four months,” she added.

Black beans replace the usual bulk ingredients (like flour) in a traditional brownie, allowing you to indulge a little lighter. Her nutritionist Cara Clark, who shares the full recipe here, uses healthy fats like coconut oil and also made them vegan-friendly by leaving out the eggs.

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El Moussa doesn’t fancy herself much of a baker, but manages to whip these up at home on the regular. She has her 7-year-old daughter Taylor with ex-husband Tarek onboard with the healthy brownies, too. “Taylor loves them, but I’m not going to tell her what’s in them any time soon,” she says. “There’s no way she’d eat them anymore, just on principle.”

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Sometimes El Moussa even adds a little nut butter on top: “Then it’s like a healthy Reese’s peanut butter cup brownie,” she says.

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