Can you guess how many celebrities once starred in Burger King ads?

By Lydia Price
Updated May 24, 2017
TheCrimsonMonkey / Getty Images

Before they starred in blockbusters and hit shows, these actors were honing their skills via some pretty hilarious (in retrospect) ad campaigns. Take a look back at who tried to sell us everything from soda to tampons in their pre-A-list days.

Courteney Cox

Dressed as a dancer, Cox and her unforgettable haircut “told it to us straight” about Tampax in the ’80s.

Mila Kunis

Long before repping Jim Beam, a bubbly Kunis appeared in commercials for Telephone Tammy, Glitter Hair Barbie and Lisa Frank.

Ben Affleck

Affleck played an optimistic would-be suitor equipped with a car phone in a 1989 Burger King ad.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Pre-Growing Pains, a young DiCaprio starred in a number of commercials, including a Bubble Yum spot and the Kraft Singles gem above.

Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence got flirty with a giant Burger King burger (really) before hitting it big.

Aaron Paul

Once upon a time, the Breaking Bad star was a wayward teen who just wanted to enjoy his Pops. Paul also did some great work as a telekinetic Juicy Fruit fan around the same time.

Rob McElhenney

Before he played a lovable, yet completely irresponsible, menace on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, McElhenney declared that he didn’t need to smoke to fit in on behalf of Philip Morris’ Youth Smoking Prevention program.

Tina Fey

Sporting another can’t-miss hair style, Fey said “Hi” to the world for Mutual Savings Bank in 1995.

Matt LeBlanc

Among LeBlanc’s many commercial credits is this romantic Cherry 7Up TV spot.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

A pint-sized Gellar totally slayed her Burger King commercial, in which she throws some shots at the company’s competition.

Meg Ryan

Ryan’s early ’80s Burger King ad did, in fact, get us hungry.

Stephen Colbert

FirsTier Nebraska recruited the now-talk show host to promote their many locations in the state.

Drew Barrymore

Just a few years before stealing our hearts in E.T., an adorable Barrymore had us craving Pillsbury cookie dough.

Kristen Stewart

Stewart once played a clever young girl who schemed Porsche rides to school out of her dad.

Steve Carell

The Office alumnus broke some “big news from Brown’s Chicken” in the early ’90s.

Mark Ruffalo

Ruffalo double-zapped his zits for Clearasil as a teen, and bravely looked back at his earliest work on The Tonight Show in 2016.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Young Gordon-Levitt knew how important it was to grab a something for breakfast — like Pop-Tarts.

Megan Mullally

There’s nothing like Mullally cheerily discussing the merits of Egg McMuffins in 1983 (look out for a John Goodman cameo, too!).

Bryan Cranston

Yep, Cranston put his now-revered acting chops to work for Preparation H during his early days in entertainment.

Jane Lynch

Even in a Frosted Flakes ad, Lynch managed to bring the funny,

Charlie Day

Day’s character employed some early Charlie Kelly logic when he tried to retire immediately after graduation in a Cascade commercial.