There's a bold new style taking over.

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This Sink Style Is Trending on Pinterest Right Now (Hint: It’s Not a White Farmhouse Sink)
Credit: Delta Faucet

When we think about the most popular kitchen sink of the moment, a white farmhouse sink immediately comes to mind. And if it's part of a more recent renovation, chances are the gleaming white sink is paired with shiny brass hardware. So when Pinterest released its Home Report for 2018, we were surprised to find that the trending sink style of choice was actually black kitchen sinks.

According to the Pinterest report, black is back in style for home decor, with everything from black exterior paint to black kitchen sinks seeing a spike in search this year. In fact, search for "black kitchen sinks" rose a whopping 252 percent. If this seems like a particularly daring decor choice, the trend experts at Pinterest may offer an explanation in the report: "While still investing in high quality basics, people are redecorating more frequently and making bolder choices," they said. Whether it's a black kitchen sink or a black accent wall, Pinterest users aren't afraid to incorporate this bold color choice into their homes.

Aesthetics aside, there may also be practical reasons to opt for a black sink. At the top of the list: It never looks dirty. While a white porcelain sink reveals food stains and a stainless steel sink will show signs of wear, a black sink is great at camouflaging both. Plus, the color is now available in a variety of materials, including quartz composite, granite composite, coated cast iron, fireclay, and more, so you can still pick your material of choice.

For a sleek, ultra-modern look, some are choosing to pair their black kitchen sink with a matching faucet. Brands like Delta, Moen, and Kohler all offer their own takes on this kitchen hardware trend. These matte black details look chic and provide a warmer feel than shiny stainless steel, all while hiding fingerprints and food stains. The one downside? They're so good at hiding grime, you may never be able to tell when your sink is due for a cleaning.

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