Whether you’re looking for a multi-day hike to immerse yourself in Maui’s flora or an easy hour-long stroll along the coast.

By Cailey Rizzo
Updated July 05, 2019
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If you’re not out in nature, you’re not doing Maui right.

The island of Maui has more than 700 square miles of rainforests, volcanic landscapes, and coastline with some of the most beautiful vistas on Earth. There are hundreds of miles of trails on Maui, all particular to the environment. Some trails will showcase the island’s broad biodiversity, some will take you into sacred sites for local Hawaiian culture, and some even end in a boardwalk — hiking shoes optional.

Whether you’re looking for a multi-day hike to immerse yourself in Maui’s flora or an easy hour-long stroll along the coast, we’ve gathered some of Maui’s best hikes for everyone to enjoy.

1. For Newbies: Hosmer Grove Nature Trail

This half-mile hike is an easy way for those who are new to hiking to immerse themselves in Maui’s greenery. It’s located in Haleakala National Park, a 33,000-acre park centered around a dormant volcano. The trail loops around itself and presents some of Hawaii’s trees, both native and endemic.

2. Easy Outing: Kapalua Coastal Trail

Get fantastic oceanside views without a difficult climb. This 3.5-mile hike (out and back) remains mostly flat. You’ll be walking on half boardwalk, half lava-rock. It wraps around the western coast of Maui, featuring views of beaches, rugged coast and some of the island’s most jaw-dropping resorts and homes.

3. Chasing Waterfalls: Pipiwai Trail

This hike is consistently reviewed as one of the best in eastern Maui. As you wind your way through 3.6 miles of trail, you’ll climb up (an elevation of about 800 feet) through greenery and along flowing water. The trail ends near Waimoku Falls where water gushes down about 200 feet. When you’re done hiking, cool off with a swim in the natural Pools of Oheo.

4. Swim and Hike: Twin Falls

If you like switching things up with multiple activities, trek to Twin Falls, where you’ll be swimming and hiking. The hike itself is only one mile, but along the way you’ll be able to swim in natural pools and even underneath waterfalls.

5. For the Culture: Hoapili Trail

Get a taste of indigenous culture along the Hoapili Trail. The oceanside trail cuts through Maui’s most recent lava flow. While walking along La Perouse Bay, you’ll pass several sacred archaeological sites. The trail is 10 miles long, but most people will just walk a section of it.

6. The Endurance Test: Waihe'e Ridge Trail


This hike may only be 2.5 miles, but you’ll have to climb an elevation change of more than 1,500 feet. But any frustration over your rising heart rate should instantly disappear as soon as you reach the top of the trail. After climbing through gulches and guava trees, you’ll get a jaw-dropping view of the verdant West Maui Mountains.

7. Hit the Road: Kapalua Village Walking Trails

The Kapalua Village Walking Trails are the remains of an old golf course that was left abandoned to the natural vegetation. Now, hikers can opt for a range of difficulties on the old golf cart paths, following the sounds and sights of the Pacific Ocean.

8. Heart-racing Climb: Sliding Sands Trail

If you’re of the mind that nothing ventured, nothing gained, Sliding Sands is probably your ultimate Maui Hike. Otherwise known as the Keoneheehee Trail at Haleakala National Park, this 17.5-mile changes about 1,400 feet of elevation up the side of a dormant volcano. You’ll need at least two days to complete the hike, so plan on staying overnight in one of the trailside cabins.

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