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If you’ve been dreaming of a getaway, the time to book is now. After summer wraps up and before the holidays begin, cost savvy travelers can book shoulder season travel — the booking window from September to October — at prices that are up to 37 percent lower than what they’d pay during the summer months.

Traditionally, the fall shoulder season is overlooked by travelers who tend to book during the more-popular summer or holiday travel seasons. However, cost-conscious travelers can find summer-like weather (and if you’re lucky, fall colors) while avoiding sky-high ticket prices and high-season crowds.

According to Hipmunk, a travel search platform, travelers can save an average of 9 percent on domestic flights and 19 percent on international flights, just by shifting their travel dates a few months. And while 9 or 19 percent is better than nothing, certain destinations boast savings of almost $600. Below are a few of our shoulder season favorites:

Honolulu, HI (save $113 / 18 percent)

Shanghai (save $436 / 37 percent)

Milwaukee, WI (save $68 / 18 percent)

Wilmington, NC (save $69 / 18 percent)

Milan (save $405 / 34 percent)

Denver, CO (save $54 / 21 percent)

Tokyo (save $347 / 26 percent)

Orlando, FL (save $49 / 20 percent)

Paris (save $311 / 33 percent)

Kona, HI (save $106 / 20 percent)

Nairobi (save $590 / 37 percent)

Prague (save $450 / 33 percent)

To find the best price, Hipmunk suggests booking at least one month prior to your desired departure — so if you’re hoping to get away in early September, you’ll want to book right away.

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