Be your own barista with these bean subscriptions.

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Going out for coffee may seem like a thing of the past, but as we forge our way through this unprecedented pandemic, home brewing coffee can certainly be something to look forward to. The ritual of waking up and making exactly what you want can be hugely satisfying when you’re your own barista. Ordering coffee online is a great way to explore the nation’s best roasteries (and support them!), while also tasting beans sourced from around the world—like a little trip in your coffee mug each morning. Better yet, these small coffeeshops are offering subscription programs, so you never run out of caffeine when you need it most.


The popular Los Angeles coffeeshop and roastery recently launched a new Coffee Subscription Program. Two bean blends are available, Alfred Drip (made with beans from El Puente in Honduras, El Jordan in Colombia, and Mordecofe in Ethiopia) and Alfred Espresso, which Alfred uses in its specialty drinks. The espresso blend uses Central and South American coffees, adding East African coffees for rounder tasting notes, and Indonesian coffee for extra unique flavor. Available in 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month increments for $87, $174, and $348 respectively, customers can choose which 12-ounce whole bean bags they want delivered each month.

Kaldi’s Coffee

This St. Louis staple. dating back to 1994. sources and roasts in-season coffee for a consistent cup year-round. In accordance with Kaldi’s sustainability mission, the company purchases all of its beans at or above current Fair Trade prices. Online customers can choose between single origin and blended coffee, and order by monthly coffee subscription. A Sampler Box with three 4-ounce bags of blends, Cafe Kaldi, 700, and Haya, all roasted to order is also available for $14.49, in addition to many more specialty bags. Orders over $20 get free standard ground shipping.


This Brooklyn-based coffee shop is offering freshly roasted coffee beans via new subscription programs. All subscriptions of Brooklyn-roasted beans are customizable, based on your choice of brew method and taste preferences (if you’ll be mixing the coffee with cream, sweetener, etc.). As a bonus, Partners Coffee  comes in stylish, rainbow-colored (fully compostable) bags that look great on your kitchen counter (because we know your pantries are stuffed). Partners Coffee’s Coffee Subscriptions start at $12 per shipment.

Blue Bottle Coffee

If you want to upgrade from your go-to, all-in-one coffee machine, browse Blue Bottle’s online selection of products that make artisanal at-home brewing even easier, from cold brew bottles to ceramic drippers. Blue Bottle Coffee also sells single origin, blend, espresso, and decaf beans online for home delivery and while Blue Bottle cafes remain closed, the brand will offer free shipping for all online orders. The Blue Bottle Subscription tailors deliveries to your coffee preference. Choose from a 3-month ($72), 6-month ($144), or customized subscription (starting at $24).

Onyx Coffee Lab 

This Rogers, Arkansas based coffee company and roaster recently won the 2020 U.S. Coffee Championships. Coffee is sourced sustainably and from microlots worldwide, with specialty blends like half-cafe and cold brew tailored to every type of coffee drinker. For roastery newbies, a $25 sampler box of four different single origin coffees allows you to taste beans specific to different regions and determine what notes you like best. Choose-your-own adventure style subscriptions let coffee lovers choose their bag size, frequency and bean preference, with prices starting at $17 per week, including shipping.

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club's subscription service is designed to connect coffee consumers with coffee-producing countries and expand cultural knowledge and appreciation. Monthly boxes highlight beans from Papua New Guinea to Peru, Burundi to Brazil, including illustrated postcards with facts about your coffee’s origin country. Pair with a podcast or movie that’s set in your java’s place of origin, and you’re well on your way to a virtual vacation. Choose from a half bag ($9), full bag ($14) or double bag ($28) to receive every other week or every month, select if you want whole or ground beans, and you’re on your way to a world coffee tour.

Equator Coffee

This women-owned and run California-based coffee shop has partnered with chef Dominique Crenn to vend the specialty blends she serves at her Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant, Atelier Crenn, and bakery, Boutique Crenn (both $17). Those who aren’t quite ready for fine dining in the morning can also veer towards a subscription, which guides customers through a basic quiz to determine their ideal flavor, grind, size and frequency, with prices starting at $15.50.

Trade Coffee 

Trade Coffee is a direct-to-consumer subscription coffee startup is a coffee marketplace, uniting small, locally roasted coffee varieties on one website, so shoppers can taste beans from a range of famous and lesser-known coffees shops. Trade partners with a wide range of roasters including Intelligentsia, Stumptown, La Colombe, Verve, Huckleberry, Passenger, and many, many more. All roasters must meet requirements for ethical sourcing, seasonality, quality and sign a “Roasters Pledge." And yes, this DTC coffee company is techy—an algorithm will match you with over fifty local roasters to ship you the beans for your perfect cup. Bags of beans start at $12.50 and subscriptions can be modified to many preferences.

Grounds & Hounds

Twenty percent off all profits from this fair trade, sustainable coffee company are donated to help rescue dogs in need. The range of subscription options is quite wide, with several types of light, medium and and dark roast beans available, as well as hot chocolates and single-serve pods. Blends have adorable names, like Belly Rub and Good Boy Dark Roast, to put a smile on your face before that way too early morning walk with your pet. Subscriptions start at $13.99.

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