Here are the items on which you’re likely to find the best deals in after Christmas sales.

By Chris Morris
Updated December 26, 2018

Consumers have spent the better part of the past month shopping and spending, but if the bargain hunter in you isn’t quite satiated, after Christmas sales are a good way to eke a few more deals out of 2018.

This is the time of the year retailers want to get rid of any remaining excess inventory. This year, though, there might be less than usual, as shoppers have been especially generous to people on their gift lists, spending heavily both in brick and mortar stores and online.

But if you do feel the need to shop till you drop just one more time after Christmas. Here are the items on which you’re likely to find the best deals in after Christmas sales.

Toys and Games

Retailers load up with toys in the weeks leading up to the holidays, but the market for them drops off sharply after December 25. Obviously, the hottest toys of the season either won’t be back in stock or won’t be on sale after Christmas, but there are plenty of deals to be found in the toy aisle of major retailers (especially those that only seem to carry toys around the holidays). Note that video games are largely excluded from these deals. Your best bet to find a steal on those is via the Steam digital distribution service on your PC. The winter sale there often offers some of the best deals of the year.

Winter clothing

Yes, the winter solstice just began last week, but retailers are already looking toward warmer weather. Bathing suits, Hawaiian shirts, and shorts are about to start rolling out in stores after Christmas, meaning winter gear will be going on sale. If you’ve been putting off buying a new coat, gloves or even slippers, this is a good time to start keeping an eye out for bargains.


Anything seasonal is going to be dramatically reduced after Christmas—if it already hasn’t been. You might need to hang on to some candles (like the pine-scented one) until next year to use, but others (perhaps the apple cinnamon variety) can give your house a fresh scent all year long.


Often one of the most popular options during the holidays for stocking stuffers and go-to generic gifts, these collections of robes and slippers, face masks and bath bombs, and other boxed collections lose their appeal to consumers on December 26—the day after Christmas. Retailers typically slash the prices on them to make room for more popular items.

Holiday decorations

The clearance sales on lights and ornaments started a week or two ago, but there’s still time to find a great deal on a yard decoration or new lights for next year’s Christmas tree. The day after Christmas is also the perfect time to invest in a new tree stand, rather than paying twice as much (or more) next November or early December.

Bedding and towels

You’ll find some bargains on these items after Christmas as stores bring their inventories back to normal levels, but January is typically when the big sales are held. Keep an eye out around the MLK holiday for the best deals.

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