Don't spoil the surprise for Jeffrey!

ina garten
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When Ina Garten offers dessert advice, we listen. When she gives away the recipe she'll be using for her very own Valentine's Day celebration with Jeffrey, we run to the supermarket.

With 2018 marking 50 years of marraige for the couple, their Saint Valentine's feast will showcase Garten's coeur à la crème with a delectable raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries. As the Barefoot Contessa revealed in a recent blog post, nothing beats a cozy meal in for the holiday.

"Dinner at a lovely restaurant is always nice but for me, a home-cooked meal is the best way to say “I love you!” she writes. "For Valentine’s Day dessert this year, I’m making a Coeur à La Crème (“heart of cream”) with Fresh Raspberry Sauce for Jeffrey. I’ll whip it up (literally!) the day before and then serve it cold from the fridge after dinner. I have a feeling my valentine is going to be very happy!!"

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Ina Garten's coeur à la crème comes together with a handful of common items like cream cheese, heavy cream, vanilla extract, confectioners' sugar, and of course plenty of raspberries. To finish it off, the four-ingredient sauce gets a touch of Framboise Liqueur for a sweet kick. We have a feeling our Valentine is going to be very happy, too.

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