The bright new pieces will include all the features we already love about Away products.

By Hillary Maglin
Updated September 06, 2019
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Courtesy of Away

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly fall any harder for Away, they found a colorful new way to keep us hooked. The esteemed luggage brand (which happens to be one of our favorites) just announced they’re collaborating with Flour Shop, a New York City bakery known for its rainbow motif and explosion cakes.

The limited edition Away x Flour Shop collection, which features brightly-hued pieces of luggage, takes direct inspiration from the treats at Flour Shop that often feature sprinkles, edible glitter, and cake batter in every color under the sun. Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 10, you can get your hands on Away’s signature polycarbonate spinner suitcases in eight new colors. The fun shades are available in all four of Away’s suitcase sizes, ranging from their standard carry-on to their large checked bag. Like their neutral-toned counterparts, the Away x Flour Shop spinners are set to feature TSA-approved combination locks, hidden laundry bags, and interior compression systems, while the carry-ons will include ejectable batteries to charge your phone. You can pick up one of the new pieces for $225 to $295, depending on the size.

Because Away loves keeping travelers organized just as much they love a good, hardside spinner, the Away x Flour Shop collection also includes brand new versions of their Insider Packing Cubes. The nylon and mesh pouches, which come in sets of four, will now be available in Warm (black material with red, pink, orange, and yellow zippers) and Cool (black material with light blue, dark blue, purple, and green zippers). Each cube in the set is a different size, which allows for items of all shapes and sizes to be easily stowed away inside your suitcase. A set will run you $45.

You’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get a hold of the spinners and packing cubes in this sweet new collection, but come Tuesday, you can find them in stores and on