Calm down, Apple fans, it's only available in the corporate dining rooms.

By Don Reisinger
May 16, 2017
Eric Savage / Getty Images 

Apple patents a slew of technologies each year, but arguably none is as critical as one of its latest inventions.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published an Apple patent application simply called “Container” that has received some attention of late. But its invention is no ordinary container. Instead, it’s a redesigned pizza box that according to the company, is designed to keep pizzas “fresh and crisp and hot for an extended period of time.”

Unlike standard pizza boxes that are square to accommodate both round and rectangular pizzas, Apple’s container, which was initially reported on by Wired in its look at Apple Park innovation and earlier cited by New York‘s food blog GrubStreet, is circular. A hinge on the side lets users open it and access their pizzas, and it can be made from recycled materials like molded fiber, according to the patent.

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To make good on its promise of fresh pies, Apple’s invention has a “moisture channeling feature” that whisks away moisture from the pizza to keep its crust crisp. The box also has ridges and other features to allow for sufficient airflow to keep the pizza fresh and hot, and Apple was quick to note that it’s structurally sound to reduce damage to the perfectly crafted pizza.

Ultimately, Apple AAPL promises that its technology will reduce the pie’s chances of becoming “soggy.”

Apple attributed the pizza box’s invention to Francesco Longoni, the company’s head of food services. While it’s unclear whether the pizza box will be housing pies anytime soon, the patent notes that it’s designed for use in the company’s dining areas, so only employees will be able to get their hands on the next big thing in pizza boxes.

But at least you can still get your hands on robot-made pizza.

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