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And we’re not talking about pots and pans.

Meghan Overdeep
Updated June 25, 2018

Maybe Carrie Bradshaw was onto something after all?

The average American household contains 300,000 personal items in approximately 930 square feet. According to a recent survey by MakeSpace, people have been getting extra creative when it comes to storage solutions. And we mean extra creative.

Get ready to clutch those pearls, y’all.

A whopping 15.4% of survey respondents admitted to using the inside of kitchen appliances like stoves and microwaves for storage. If that’s not asking for a singed sweater, we don’t know what is!

And that’s not the only kitchen space to fall victim to clutter overflow. An equally surprising 18.5% admitted to storing their things under the kitchen or dining room table.

Something tells us these aren’t the entertaining types….

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Meanwhile, the most common storage spot, unsurprisingly, is under the bed—a relatable 59% of people admit to doing that. Other popular storage spots include the garage, which nearly one-third of people use for storage instead of a place to park their car. And 15% of people admit to squirreling things away in the trunk of their car.

But really… the oven? What would Mama think?

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