And it makes the best cup of coffee.
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When I was working from home, I relied on my Bialetti stovetop espresso maker ($28; for fresh coffee every morning. And while the rich, velvety brew it made was delicious, the entire process took 20 minutes—way longer than I wanted to devote to my daily cup of joe once I started commuting to an office again. So when our video director mentioned that his favorite coffee maker brews a perfect cup in less than two minutes, my ears perked up, and I decided to get the scoop.

Like me, my coworker said he used to have a much more time-consuming coffee routine. His go-to method was a French press, but the process required five to seven minutes of time, it was difficult to make just one cup, and cleanup was a hassle (especially if getting coffee grounds in your sink is a pet peeve!). So when he moved in with a roommate who said that the AeroPress ($30; could brew one perfect cup of coffee in less than two minutes, he knew he had to get one.

This 2-Minute Coffee Maker Will Speed Up Your Morning Routine
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As it turns out, the small-but-mighty machine lived up to the claims. "By the time you put in the grounds, you can get a fresh cup of coffee within two to three minutes," he says. But his favorite part? "The cleanup! You just take off the filter and push down the plunger, and the coffee pops out in a little puck—no need to scoop out the grounds or pour water into your trash can." Once the grounds are tossed out, the rest of the cleanup is a breeze. The three pieces of the machine come part, so you can hand-wash them in less than 30 seconds.

And what about the most important part—the flavor? "I wasn't a believer at first," he admits. "How could it be that different from a French press?" This method claims to produce a less acidic cuppa, compared to other drip methods. "But it's true! It makes a very clean cup of coffee, perfect for your morning brew."

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Plus, this machine was made to travel. It's small enough to throw into a backpack or suitcase, so you can tote it along on your next vacation or camping trip. This way, you'll always be able to enjoy delicious coffee, no matter where your journey takes you. If you're looking to speed up your morning routine, want to brew the perfect single cup, or plan to take your coffee on the road—the AeroPress was made for you.

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