You will never look at a Christmas tree in the same way again...

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For many, half the fun of Christmas is choosing the right tree. For others, the fun comes in the form of an easy assemble faux fir, but which do you prefer?

See what your Christmas tree says about you before your guests arrive and start forming their own opinion…

The real deal


If you love the smell of a real tree and adore the ritual of going to pick it up and driving home with it strapped to the roof like the Griswolds then you are a traditionalist. In your opinion, nothing beats the look and feel of a real tree – shedding needles and all, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

A tree glossed in frost


Love the tradition of a Christmas tree but want to add even more drama than a glittery tree ornament ever could? If this is your tree style you could be described as a bit of an extrovert. It’s your firm belief that you can never have too much glitter and you lust after a snowy winter wonderland scene every year. These trees are not wallflowers and love taking centre stage – remind you of anyone?

A convincing artificial tree


If you opt for a festive faux then you still love the look of a traditional tree but you don’t enjoy picking it out in the cold, and prefer the practicality of pulling it out of its box every year. You are a perfectionist who knows what you want and doesn’t like the element of surprise. The tree is always immaculate, decorated in a perfectly symmetrical fashion.

Small over tall


Do you still honour the tradition of having a tree, but can’t stand the hassle of bringing a forest indoors and slaving away for hours on a stepladder reaching those high branches? The small tree says that you are a logical thinker; you’re willing to embrace the festivities but remain quite reserved when it comes to your decorations of choice.

Twiggy tree


Is it your belief that full firs are over and spindly spider arms are in? If you have jumped on the twig craze then your tree shows you are a minimalist who believes less is more.

A tree that shines bright


If lights take priority over decorations on your tree then you are a disco loving diva – you like to shine! You can never have too much glitz at this time of year. Your tree is your prized possession at Christmas time and stands right in the window for all the neighbours to see.

Alternative tree


If you would rather forgo the whole twiggy tree thing and favour an alternative tree, you are a member of the super fashionable elite. You don’t follow the crowd, you do things your own way and are confident with your own style – you are a trend setter.

So which are you?

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