By Zach Brooks
Updated July 01, 2014
© Nikko Lamere

Before Jennifer Lee became the producer, DJ and electronic dance music artist known as Tokimonsta, she was a little girl hanging out in her mom’s chain of Southern California teriyaki shops. She now tours the world with the likes of Skrillex, Grimes and Diplo, but always seems to find time for the best food everywhere she goes. Here are five things she’d love to have in her dressing room on tour every night, regardless of price or feasibility:

1. Hainan chicken from Singapore. “This would come from the most famous place in Singapore. I don’t even know the name of it—it’s just in this food court. (Ed. note: It’s Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice in the Maxwell Food Center.) They don’t even give you enough chicken, but it’s super, super tender. And their rice is the most fragrant I’ve had, and the sauces on the side are homemade and really good. Unfortunately, Anthony Bourdain went there so he kind of burned out the spot, as he does."

2. Ceviche from Costa Rica. “What makes it different is the limon mandarina. It’s a lime-mandarin hybrid and it’s basically sour like a lime but has a mandarin flavor. That’s what the ceviche is dressed in, and it makes everything taste different. The fruit itself, you can’t just eat it because it’s really sour. It’s different from a calamansi, which brings us to No. 3…”

3. Filipino calamansi juice. “Calamansi looks just like the limon mandarina, but it’s a Filipino citrus. And they make a juice out of it, which is just this, and sugar and soda water. They sell a canned version at Filipino markets, but to get it fresh would be really good.”

4. Kobe beef from Kobe. “The last time I went to Japan I had it and it was super thinly sliced, sashimi style. They seared just the outside of it, and it was amazing.”

5. The ice cream sandwich from Night + Market in Los Angeles. “I really like the weird ice cream sandwich they have here. It’s bread stuffed with coconut sticky rice and coconut ice cream in it, and it’s amazing.”