See All the Food Commercials Set to Air This Super Bowl Sunday, Starring Celebrities From Ben Affleck to Missy Elliot

Which ad is your favorite?

Missy Elliott, Jack Harlow and Elton John

Courtesy of Doritos

Unless you’ve just left a lengthy silent meditation retreat, or you’re one of those people who likes to brag about not owning a TV, you probably know that the Super Bowl LVII is this Sunday. Some of us will be cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs in their third appearance in the past four years, some of us will spend the whole weekend screaming “Fly Eagles Fly,” and the rest of us will just be watching for the commercials (or for Rihanna’s halftime show). 

Those commercial breaks are still big, big business. According to Front Office Sports, a 30-second ad during the game costs $7 million this year, which is up from $6.5 million last year. (Some quick math says that works out to $233,333 a second, so advertisers would probably appreciate it if you didn’t blink AT ALL during the commercial breaks.) 

Front Office Sports reports that beer giant Anheuser-Busch will be the biggest spender this year and paid for three minutes of commercial space during the game. It will run two ads for Michelob Ultra, national spots for Bud Light and Busch Light, and a regional ad for Budweiser. 

Although there’s never a shortage of beer commercials, a significant number of other food and beverage brands have all handed over seven figures for their own Sunday night ads. If you can’t wait for the coverage to start — or if you plan on using the commercial breaks to get another bowl of snacks  — here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming during the game. 

Actress Anna Faris discovers the hidden powers of Avocados from Mexico

Top Gun star Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh Sperry bring the #couplegoals for Bud Light, making the most of some “on hold” music

Multi-hyphenate record exec and producer Metro Boomin cameos in a spot charting the six degrees of Budweiser 

Singer Sarah McLachlan spoofs her dramatic “for just a dollar a day” animal shelter ads for Busch Light

Retired quarterback Peyton Manning takes a break from…all of his other commercials to “roll that beautiful bean footage” for Bush’s baked beans

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl makes some strange connections for Crown Royal

Singer Jack Harlow trades first class for “Triangle Fever” in an ad for Doritos — and he tries to get Missy Elliott to collab with him 

Ben Affleck turns his Boston accent up a notch when he works a drive-thru for Dunkin 

Paul Rudd as Ant-Man (and an ant named Anton) both make appearances for Heineken 0.0, the beer brand’s alcohol-free brew

Pete Davidson (probably) isn’t dating Jon Hamm or Brie Larson, but he does use them as sandwich toppings for Hellmann’s mayo

SNL alum Maya Rudolph wants to rename M&Ms…for herself

Tennis legend Serena Williams takes on Caddyshack for Michelob Ultra

Steve Martin and Ben Stiller showcase their acting chops in these “Great Acting or Great Taste” spots for Pepsi Zero Sugar

Planters does a full-on (comedy) roast of Mr. Peanut 

Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders gets “out-stronged” at his own family reunion in a spot for Oikos yogurt

Breaking Bad’s Walt and Jesse cook up something new for Tuco in a highly anticipated ad from PopCorners 

Singer Meghan Trainor made you look (OH YES WE DID) by getting her hand stuck in a Pringles can

Serena Williams is back in “Inch by Inch,” the first-ever Super Bowl ad for cognac house Rémy Martin 

Sam Adams and Your Cousin from Boston imagine “A Brighter Boston” — with a little help from former Celtic Kevin Garnett

Whew, now that you’ve caught up on all of that, feel free to take an extra-long blink break on Sunday. We won’t say a word. 

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