Styles P and Chef Daniel Humm Launch a New, High-End PB&J Spread

"We're using our platform to encourage incorporating a plant-based lifestyle, even if it is just one meal at a time."

Styles PB&J

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Peanut butter and jelly are a dynamic duo found in almost every pantry across America for generations. But a classic can always get a little upgrade, and rapper Styles P and Chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park are doing just that with hip hop's first jarred PB&J spread. 

Styles P and Chef Humm bonded quickly over their passions for producing award-winning music and culinary dishes, respectively. So it only made sense for the pair to release the Styles PB&J spread as their way of promoting another shared interest — plant-based eating.

"We're both using our platform to encourage incorporating a plant-based lifestyle, even if it is just one meal at a time," Humm tells Food & Wine.

Styles P is no stranger to the plant-based movement. In 2018, the musician and his wife, Adjua Styles, opened Farmacy For Life, hip hop's first health food shop, to increase the accessibility of holistic eats in underserved communities. 

Similarly, in 2021, Humm relaunched Eleven Madison Park, regarded as one of the best restaurants in the world, into a plant-based high-end eatery. "Cooking plant-based has been meaningful and expansive," Humm shared on the Eleven Madison Home website. "We made the commitment to use our creativity toward a plant-based future because that's where our food system needs to go."

Styles P with Styles PB&J

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The Styles PB&J spread is available through Eleven Madison Home, the restaurant's shop selling plant-based pantry staples and kitchen essentials. The jar retails for $15 and combines Eleven Madison Home's signature snacking peanut butter and grape jelly. 

Why the steep price point? That's thanks to the fact that it's infused with maca protein and Farmacy For Life's Irish sea moss. Beyond the added benefits, a portion of the cost also goes toward supporting Styles P and Chef Humm's mission to boost community food accessibility. And, proceeds from all Eleven Madison Home products support the brand's food truck that donates meals to food-insecure communities in partnership with Rethink Food.

"It's been amazing to meet Styles and Adjua through the work we're doing around plant-based eating," Humm says, noting the two fit together like, well, peanut butter and jelly. "In a way, we come from two very different places," he says, "but when you read our stories, it is the same story."

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