Stouffer's Created a Bloody Mary Mix That Tastes Like Lasagna

And they're giving it away for free.

Stouffer’s Lasagna Inspired Bloody Mary and Mix
Stouffer’s Lasagna Inspired Bloody Mary and Mix. Photo:

Courtesy of Stouffer’s

Cocktail trends come and go, and one that came and is slowly making an exit is the overloaded Bloody Mary. Not that long ago, bars and brunch joints seemed to be falling over themselves to stuff as much food as they could on top of the classic eye-opener: bacon, pizza, burgers, maybe even all three.

But has anyone ever topped a Bloody Mary with lasagna? This holiday season, Stouffer's wants lasagna fans to take things one step further and literally mix the flavors of a Stouffer’s lasagna into the cocktail with the brand’s new Stouffer's Lasagna-Inspired Bloody Mary Mix.

Stouffer’s Lasagna Inspired Bloody Mary and Mix
Stouffer’s Lasagna Inspired Bloody Mary and Mix.

Courtesy of Stouffer’s

Billed as a "bold and savory" mixer, Stouffer’s clarifies that this is their "first-ever" Bloody Mary Mix (as if there was any doubt) and is intended to be an "unexpected" way for folks to "enjoy the delicious taste of Stouffer's Lasagna at holiday gatherings — something they have already been doing for generations."

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Once you’ve gotten your hands on this lasagna-inspired mixer, Stouffer’s says, "Simply mix with your spirit of choice (or enjoy on its own!) to savor that iconic herb-seasoned flavor, and top with your favorite garnishes (does lasagna fit on a toothpick?)" See, Stouffer's remembers the trend!

"For decades, Stouffer’s Lasagna has had a special place at holiday tables," Megan McLaughlin, Stouffer’s brand marketing manager, stated. "This season, we created a new way for our fans to enjoy the same classic Stouffer's Lasagna taste without turning on the oven. Our Bloody Mary Mix is the perfect addition to any holiday breakfast, brunch or happy hour."

The bad news: These bottles are not for sale. But possibly even better, Stouffer’s will be giving them away for free starting at noon ET on Wednesday, November 14 exclusively at the Stouffer’s online merchandise store. (Yes, even Stouffer’s has a merch store.) The brand says bottles "are available at no cost while supplies last — and come with a recipe card and a coupon valid for free Stouffer’s Lasagna."

Sounds like a food and beverage pairing waiting to happen.

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