Stanley Tucci Is Dropping a Meal Kit of His Favorite Holiday Pasta

The "Searching for Italy" star’s “Taste of Tucci” recipe kit with S.Pellegrino features his recipe for gnochetti con salsiccia e broccolini.

Stanley Tucci cooks his S.Pellegrino’s Taste of Tucci Recipe Kit

Courtesy of S.Pellegrino

The next best thing to sitting at Stanley Tucci’s holiday table is probably this meal kit.

In collaboration with S.Pellegrino, the Searching for Italy host and Italian American icon is dropping a recipe kit that features one of his favorite pasta dishes of all time – gnochetti con salsiccia e broccolini. Available for purchase starting November 7, each recipe kit includes products sourced from Italy and fresh, seasonal ingredients, including gnochetti sardi (a small Sardinian dry pasta), crumbled salsiccia, fresh broccolini and fennel, Pecorino Romano and extra virgin olive oil. Of course, there's also a bottle of S.Pellegrino.  

S.Pellegrino’s Taste of Tucci Recipe Kit

Evan Kalman for S.Pellegrino

“I love this recipe. It’s kind of a classic Italian dish,” Tucci told Food & Wine. “It’s quick to make, it’s inexpensive, and if you’re a vegetarian, you can leave out the sausage."

The actor ate the classic Southern Italian pasta dish growing up, though “there are so many different iterations of it,” he explained. “It’s a really nice thing visually. I love to look at the broccolini and the sausage all together. There’s something so satisfying about it, then grating the cheese on it. It’s really rustic, but it’s celebratory.”

S.Pellegrino’s Taste of Tucci Recipe Kit

Evan Kalman for S.Pellegrino

Each four-serving “Taste of Tucci” recipe kit is available from World Chef for $120, plus shipping, and it includes instructions and all the ingredients needed. 

Earlier this year, the actor unveiled another collaboration with S.Pellegrino: "Stan Pellegrino" bottle sets engraved with Tucci's signature. The actor also appeared in an ad campaign shot in San Pellegrino Terme, the idyllic Lombardian town where the company sources its water. 

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