Stanley Tucci Just Made Ina Garten Her First Martini Ever

Watch two of our favorite people enjoy one of our favorite drinks.

Ready to feel extreme jealousy? Just watch this clip of Stanley Tucci making what appears to be a perfect martini for his good friend, Ina Garten

While the duo may not regularly get together, Tucci was kind enough to stop by Garten's place for a taping of the third season of her show, Be My Guest with Ina Garten, premiering March 5. For the episode, Tucci whips up his signature cocktail. And though we're sure every one of his drinks is as divine as he is, this time, there's a little added pressure: Despite being one of the world's chicest chefs, Garten has apparently never had a martini. Ever. In her entire life. 

Stanley Tucci and Ina Garten

Courtesy of Food Network

"I thought oysters go with martinis," Garten shares in a clip, exclusively provided to People.
So I made oysters Rockefeller for you, how is that? But first, let's make a martini."

She then adds, "Can I tell you a secret? I've never had a martini in my life ... Seriously, so this is my first." 

Shocked, Tucci quips, "Jeez, you gotta get out more.”

Though Garten adds that she’s had “a lot of cocktails” throughout her life, she’s never had a proper martini. But really, one served by the Tucc' has to be the ultimate introduction to the drink. 

Tucci explains that he's partial to martinis that are “super dry,” which is exactly what he makes for Garten’s first martini sip. He combines white vermouth, using just three-quarters of an ounce, with four ounces of gin (come on, it’s Tucci, so you know it’s Tanqueray), pours it over ice, and gives it a stir. He then pours it into two perfectly chilled glasses from Garten’s freezer, and garnishes with lemon zest, making sure carefully to rim the glass with the rind. Then, he adds a plump green olive to give it a classic spin. 

"Do you remember the first time you had a martini?" Garten asks, adding, "Is it kind of like sex — you remember the first time and who you had it with?"

"Yeah, I think the first time I had a martini — or do you want to talk about the sex?" Tucci says with a laugh, explaining that his first time (for martinis) was at Cafe Luxembourg in New York City, which Garten agrees is a delight. 

So, what did Garten think of her first taste? She put it simply saying, “It’s totally gorgeous.”

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