Former personal chef Celia Brooks Brown has only one struggle with eating vegetarian: the stigma. "I call it the 'v word,'" says the London-based cookbook author. Yet, just like Food & Wine’s guide, she has still found a way to show the glamorous side of vegetarian food. It’s not all salads and plain vegetables. Find meal ideas for casseroles, takeout alternatives, appetizers, even Thanksgiving recipes. It won’t be hard to whip up a completely meatless and delicious meal whenever you need it.

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Oyster Mushroom Tamales with Mole Encacahuatado

Paola Briseño González roasts oyster mushrooms, concentrating their flavor, for a hearty vegetarian tamale filling. Paired with velvety, intensely aromatic, and deeply savory peanut mole, or mole encacahuatado, these tamales satisfy everyone at the table.

Vegetarian Grape Leaves

Stuffed grape leaves are the perfect appetizer or addition to a potluck spread. Buy grape leaves in 16-ounce jars that contain about 80 leaves, which will provide plenty of large, well-shaped leaves to work with. Slideshow: More Mediterranean Recipes 

30 Days of Vegetarian Recipes

Whether you already participate in #meatlessmonday or not, we have a whole new challenge for you: an entire month of vegetarian eating. We've gathered our 30 most inventive and tastiest vegetarian recipes for you to enjoy. With innovative dishes like baharat-spiced eggplant with hazelnuts, cherries and tarragon and green eggs with whipped goat cheese and grilled kale, you won't even notice the absence of meat. For those of you who already adhere to a vegetarian diet, consider this list a way to introduce new flavors (think urfa, garam masala, kombu tsuyu and more), ingredients (kohlrabi, anyone?) and techniques into your repertoire. —Morgan Goldberg

Vegetarian Tacos

From kale, black bean and red chile tacos with queso fresco to crunchy tofu tacos, here are delicious and healthy vegetarian taco recipes.

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Easy Vegetarian Recipes

From crispy tofu steaks with ginger vinaigrette to fast vegetarian lasagna, here are Food & Wine's easy vegetarian recipes.

Vegetarian Lunch Recipes

From roasted squash and mixed sprouts bowl to vegetarian black bean chili with ancho and orange, here are Food & Wine's best vegetarian lunch recipes.

5 Vegetarian Enchilada Recipes to Make Tonight

Gooey, saucy, cheesy enchiladas don't need meat to be delicious.