"Becoming a vegan doesn't require a whole life overhaul," says Chloe Coscarelli, chef/owner of By Chloe, an NYC-based vegan diner. "It is not all or nothing." She suggests dipping your toe into the lifestyle by making at least one vegan option during your weekly dinner menu. And if you're already a full blown vegan? Use our guide to find delicious recipes that will mix up your usual cooking repertoire. We've even transformed typical meat-centric methods, like grilling, into vegan-friendly options.

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Vegan Mushroom And Fried Tofu Sisig
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Classic Filipino sisig is made with pork belly and chicken liver cooked with onions, chiles and calamansi. Chef Kristine Subido offers a vegan option to this traditionally meat-heavy dish, with fried tofu and king trumpet mushrooms at the center. It retains the contrasting textures and flavors of the original with a little crunch coming from the raw red onion plus salty, sour, and sweet flavors from fish sauce, soy sauce, sherry vinegar, lime juice, and sugar. The lime mayonnaise drizzled on top ties the whole thing together. Have all the ingredients chopped and ready to go before you start cooking, because it comes together quickly.
Vegan Sloppy Joes
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With jalapeño for heat and brown sugar for sweetness, these vegan sloppy joes will please meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Made from fermented soybeans, tempeh gives these meatless sloppy joes a heartier texture than firm tofu alone. 
Tempeh Tacos with Cabbage Slaw 
These satisfying vegan tacos are made with tempeh, a protein-packed fermented soy-based product with roots in Indonesia. Tempeh crumbles nicely, making it a great option when you don't want to use ground meat, like in this taco. Flavored with all the classic taco seasonings, plus some fresh bell pepper and onion for flavor and color, the filling is piled onto charred tortillas and topped with a red cabbage slaw. Keep these vegan by passing on the traditional crema drizzle and using almond butter flavored with garlic and lime juice.
Vegan Mapo Tofu
"In this vegan version of mapo tofu, instead of ground pork, finely-chopped eggplant and mushrooms cook down to a meaty consistency that absorbs a richly-savory blend of broad bean paste and mushroom seasoning — two umami-packed ingredients that quickly add long-cooked flavor. Szechuan peppercorns and fresh ginger are balanced by a touch of sugar to round out this moderately-spicy dish. "My grandparents, who were from different parts of the world, colored my flavor map," says Jocelyn Law-Yone, executive chef and co-owner of Thamee in Washington, D.C., a 2020 Food & Wine Best New Restaurant, who came up with this meatless version of the classic Szechuan dish. "My paternal grandfather was from Yunnan, China, where tofu is enjoyed in countless ways by many different tribes. In Burma, where both my grandmothers were born, there's a counterpart of tofu called 'tohu' — it mimics the texture of tofu but tastes nuttier because it is made of besan flour." Known as "Chef JoJo" to her team, Law-Yone combined elements from her grandparents' cooking with her own twists to create this dish. "The additional layers of mushrooms and eggplants are mine but would have been familiar ingredients to all my grandparents.""
Guy Fieri Is a Stealth Vegan Master
The Mayor of Flavortown shared his secrets for the perfect vegan cheeseburger and amping up plant-based dishes at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.
The Secret to Great Vegan Baking and Ice Cream Is in These Ingredients
Learn to make beautiful cakes, ice creams, and more without milk, butter, or eggs. (Or just order them online.)

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Boysenberry Oat Milk Sherbet
Are you looking for a satisfying vegan frozen treat? Look no further. The base of this delicious sherbet is made with oat milk, and it provides a surprisingly smooth texture. The berries are roasted to intensify their flavor and color, and when pureed and added to the oat milk base, it turns the sorbet a stunning color. If you choose to use frozen berries, roast them straight from the freezer, adding an extra 5 to 10 minutes to the cooking time.
10 Vegan Recipes to Bake Right Now
While countless baked goods include ingredients like eggs and butter, it's easy to make delicious vegan baked goods, too. Applesauce and canola oil add moisture to vegan banana-walnut muffins; in a vegan pesto babka, almond milk helps give richness. We also have vegan recipes for a pineapple and lime tart, and chocolate cupcakes, too. Read on for even more vegan baked goods recipes. Note: When possible, feel free to use vegan sugar in recipes where regular sugar is called for.
The Best Vegan (and Vegan-friendly) Restaurants in All 50 States

Let's admit it: despite a proliferation of vegetable-forward restaurants in the past two decades, it can still be hard to be vegan. While vegetarian plates are usually very similar to their meat-based analogs (just add extra cheese and put an egg on it), vegan dining is a whole other beast. It doesn't work to just subtract the meat and dairy; sometimes you don't just want a salad with balsamic and olive oil. Fortunately for vegan and vegetable-loving meat eaters alike, plant-based options are getting more exciting—and extensive—every day.Yet starting an all vegan-restaurant is still an ambitious endeavor—and scary because it relies on the strong support of a still small (but growing) demographic. Wherever possible, we've tried to spotlight exclusively vegan businesses; however, you'll also find many vegetarian restaurants, and even ones that serve meat. Why? Sometimes, the best plant-based dishes are served at traditional restaurants—and we count this as progress. We've also tried to choose restaurants that really capture the spirit of their locale, as too often, vegans can feel excluded from truly sampling the culinary culture of a place.We've also chosen restaurants that embody many different schools of vegan cooking. Some channel the earnest sprouts-nostalgia of the '60s; others rely heavily on vegan-friendly global cuisines; still others are more contemporary and vegetable-centric, à la Alice Waters. Our list culls from all of the above, with a primary barometer being taste. In sum, we've culled the best of the best–and are happy to report that it's been a difficult process. We hope it gets even harder in years to come, as vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants proliferate.