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At first, becoming a gluten-free eater can be a bit tricky. There’s gluten secretly lurking in many unexpected foods. It’s not as simple as cutting wheat flour out of your diet. Food & Wine is here to help. We have tons of recipes that use our favorite gluten-free flours and ingredients to make the food you love. You can still treat yourself to pies, holiday stuffings, breakfast breads and more. In fact, a lot of these options are even tastier than their gluten-filled counterparts.

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Gluten-Free Winter Squash Gnocchi

These gnocchi are fun and easy to make. They bring more than just good autumnal looks to the plate—expect a subtly sweet squash flavor with hints of fresh sage, complete with a delightful pillowy texture. No need for eggs here; squash puree and nutritious buckwheat flour partner well together, allowing for just the right soft structure. The gnocchi are gluten-free and can be vegan if ghee is substituted with coconut oil or vegan butter. Slideshow: More Gnocchi Recipes 

Gluten-Free Pasta Taste Test

F&W editors sampled more than 20 gluten-free pastas but despite the growing market, still found products that provoked comments like “Bleh—gritty” and “Cardboardy aftertaste.” Pasta made with corn or quinoa tasted best, and all of the top picks would be delicious with a variety of sauces like those at right. Here’s how to navigate increasingly packed shelves.

Your Top 5 Gluten-Free Tips

Earlier this week, we asked F&W Twitter followers for their top gluten-free cooking and baking tips. Here, the top five most useful tweets we received.

It's Gluten-Free Week at Food & Wine

All this week, F&W is going gluten-free. We're inviting top bloggers to share their cooking tips, taste-testing the best gluten-free supermarket products and spotlighting the best gluten-free recipes by Food & Wine.

10 Super-Satisfying Gluten-Free Recipes to Make for Dinner

From crispy-chewy pepperoni pizza to Vietnamese rice noodle salad, here are 10 of F&W's favorite gluten-free dinners.

3 Tricks for Cooking Amazing Gluten-Free Asian Dishes from Ming Tsai

At his Asian tapas-inspired restaurant Blue Ginger in Wellsely, MA, chef Tsai offers a number of amazingly good gluten-free dishes. Here, Tsai shares 3 tips for making gluten-free Asian dishes at home.

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3 Expert Tips for Gluten-Free Baking

Master baker Kyra Bussanich reveals her three favorite baking tips for perfect gluten-free pastries.

The Secret Ingredient for Rich Gluten-Free Sauces

Sometimes gluten can sneak up on you in places you wouldn’t expect. One example: Sauces, which are often thickened with flour. Chef Kevin Butler has found another way to give sauces that silky, rich texture.

Why Every Gluten-Free Household Needs a Box of Potato Flakes

Potato flakes are good for one thing—and it’s not instant mashed potatoes.