The word porridge can conjure images from "Oliver Twist," but this hearty breakfast choice is actually becoming trendy. Several porridge-themed cafés have even opened up in some European cities. Porridge is versatile, healthy and easy to make; you can use any grain you like, such as oats, barley, quinoa or rice. Flavorings can range from savory to sweet by mixing ingredients like spices or honey into the bowl. Explore Food & Wine's porridge ideas to find your next morning meal.

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Kru Nid’s Khao Tom (Thai Breakfast Porridge with Bacon)
This comforting, creamy rice porridge shines with punchy, savory toppings for a hearty meal. Traditional toppings for khao tom can include Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, or eggs, but writer Kat Thompson’s favorite version of this dish is topped with fermented mustard greens and crispy bacon. This Khao Tom recipe is from Oranij Promsatit, Thompson's beloved Thai teacher and family friend.
Taiwanese Congee with Sweet Potato
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Congee, the popular rice porridge that’s eaten throughout Asia, is simple to make and perfect for a soothing meal any time of day. Slideshow: More Congee Recipes 
This porridge of rice and water make for a great base for a host of other foods such as chicken, beef, fish and vegetables. In China, congee is usually served for breakfast, but works just as well as a comforting dinner or lunch. Try these recipes including traditional congee, rice congee with pork meatballs and vegetable congee with ginger.
Porridge Recipes
This starchy dish is a great breakfast but, as these recipes note, can also be served later on during the day. Our favorites? Here, a selection of hearty porridge recipes, from cracked emmer and carrot porridge to mashed banana and whole-grain porridge.
9 Recipes for Congee, the Cozy Porridge You Can Eat at Any Time of Day
Congee, the ultra-comforting, classic Chinese white rice porridge, can be dressed up with a range of fantastic savory toppings.
5 Places to Get Ye Olde Porridge Fix
The bowls of warm grains that sustained Olde England have been inspiring American chefs morning, noon and night.

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Kimchi Congee
Spice up a simple batch of congee with flavorful kimchi. The salt and spice of kimchi is a great Korean addition to Chinese congee. Slideshow:  Asian Soups 
Kabocha Squash Congee
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Simple, light and satisfying, tender kabocha squash is a perfect vegetable to finish off a classic congee rice and ginger porridge. Slideshow:  Squash Recipes 

Spicy Pork Shoulder Congee

This rich base of browned pork shoulder and spicy chili garlic sauce makes this congee porridge extra flavorful and hearty. Slideshow:  Pork Soups and Stews