The word porridge can conjure images from "Oliver Twist," but this hearty breakfast choice is actually becoming trendy. Several porridge-themed cafés have even opened up in some European cities. Porridge is versatile, healthy and easy to make; you can use any grain you like, such as oats, barley, quinoa or rice. Flavorings can range from savory to sweet by mixing ingredients like spices or honey into the bowl. Explore Food & Wine's porridge ideas to find your next morning meal.

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Savory Fish Sauce Caramel Porridge with Sweet Potatoes
This satisfying bowl of multigrain porridge—made with long grain brown rice, quinoa, and amaranth—is flavored with coconut milk and topped with sweet potatoes seasoned with a splash of fresh lime juice. The fish sauce caramel is both mixed into the porridge as well as drizzled on top just before serving for a sweet and savory umami hit. Remove the porridge from the heat when the mixture is still a little loose. It will set up by the time it hits the table. You will have a little extra fish sauce caramel leftover—drizzle it on shrimp, steak, or seared vegetables.
Kru Nid’s Khao Tom (Thai Breakfast Porridge with Bacon)
This comforting, creamy rice porridge shines with punchy, savory toppings for a hearty meal. Traditional toppings for khao tom can include Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, or eggs, but writer Kat Thompson’s favorite version of this dish is topped with fermented mustard greens and crispy bacon. This Khao Tom recipe is from Oranij Promsatit, Thompson's beloved Thai teacher and family friend.
Taiwanese Congee with Sweet Potato
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Congee, the popular rice porridge that’s eaten throughout Asia, is simple to make and perfect for a soothing meal any time of day. Slideshow: More Congee Recipes 
8 Recipes for Congee, the Cozy Porridge You Can Eat at Any Time of Day
Congee, the ultra-comforting, classic Chinese white rice porridge, can be dressed up with a range of fantastic savory toppings.
Kabocha Squash Congee
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Simple, light and satisfying, tender kabocha squash is a perfect vegetable to finish off a classic congee rice and ginger porridge. Slideshow:  Squash Recipes 
Bacon and Onion Congee
Crisp bacon, chicken stock and sautéed onions make this congee rice porridge even more hearty, flavorful and satisfying. Slideshow:  Healthy Bacon Recipes 

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Sweet Corn Congee
When summer is exploding with corn, add the sweet kernels in a classic rice congee porridge for that extra pop of texture and flavor. Slideshow:  Great Corn Recipes 
Basic Chinese Congee
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Dress up this classic white rice porridge with your favorite savory toppings like bacon, chinese sausage or onions. Slideshow:  One-Bowl Rice Recipes 
Pearl Barley Porridge with Ham and Eggs
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Dave Chang first made this recipe at a food conference in Copenhagen, when he had very little to work with. He simmered barley in local apple cider with chicken stock and kombu, creating a deliciously sweet and savory porridge. Slideshow:  More Recipes from David Chang