Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup, usually made with Chinese-style noodles, a meat-based broth, soy sauce, sliced pork, dried seaweed and green onions. There are so many different variations of ramen (including the microwave kind you ate in college), and every recipe is easily customizable based on your diet. You can use shredded rotisserie chicken and chopped carrots and celery to create a chicken noodle soup-inspired ramen, or try something a bit more authentic like Grace Parisi's shoyu ramen. Shoyu is Japanese soy sauce, which she adds to a pork-and-chicken broth along with ginger, leeks and seaweed. For toppings, use steamed baby spinach, soft-boiled eggs, scallions and nori to create a flavorful riff on this Japanese classic. Find these recipes and more from F&W's guide to ramen.