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Soup is a great way to use leftover pasta-spaghetti, udon, egg noodles, orecchiette and ramen are all delicious. Noodles are a great way to bulk up a light, healthy soup and make it filling enough for dinner. Use soba noodles in an Asian-inspired soup made with fresh ginger, soy sauce, tofu and chile-garlic sauce. Try a more classic noodle soup and use shell-shaped pasta, chicken, shallots and peas to create an easy, comforting meal. Whether you're looking for classic chicken noodle or want to try something different, F&W's guide to noodle soup has a recipe for every occasion.

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Leftover Roast Turkey and Chinese Egg Noodle Soup
With China being right next door to Vietnam, there are many Sino-Viet dishes that have worked their way into the Vietnamese repertoire and become favorites. Satisfying roast duck–egg noodle soup, called mi vit tiem (“mee veet team”) in Vietnamese, is one of them. It’s super popular in Saigon (my birthplace, aka Ho Chi Minh City), but it’s also time-consuming to make from scratch (you have to roast a duck).To work the hearty noodle soup into my regular rotation, I developed an easygoing roast chicken iteration for my book, Vietnamese Food Any Day. All the ingredients come from the regular supermarket.Then I got to thinking about leftover Thanksgiving turkey and came up with this recipe, which uses an Instant Pot for the broth to extract maximum flavor fast. People often make turkey soup with the holiday bird’s uneaten parts and bits, so why not cook up an Asian noodle soup?The trick is to help the American Thanksgiving turkey take a turn toward the East. It’s achievable with a hefty amount of ginger and aromatics like star anise and Chinese five spice, plus soy sauce and sesame oil. Chinese rock sugar typically adds a slight sweet roundness to the broth to create an umami-rich finish, but I’ve found that Fuji apple can achieve that result, too.Dried shiitake mushrooms lend savory, earthy depth. Thin, delicate ones from the regular supermarket soften in about 15 minutes. (If you use fancy, thick mushrooms from an Asian market, expect a longer soaking time.) When dried mushrooms are unavailable, use fresh shiitake or cremini mushroom, and add ¾ cup water to the Instant Pot before cooking.For the turkey parts, simply use the backbone, add a wing or two and maybe the neck and gizzard if they’re available. You can combine raw and roasted parts, if you like. This is a great recipe for whether you’re roasting a traditional whole bird, using a spatchcocked (butterflied) turkey, or the separate parts.Once the broth is done, you can hold it in the fridge for days. Over the post-Thanksgiving weekend, serve up bowls of roast turkey–egg noodle soup, which I’d call mi ga tay (“mee ga tey”), which literally means egg noodle soup with Western chicken.
Cambodian Rice Noodle Soup
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Kuy teav, a rice noodle soup traditionally served for breakfast in Cambodia, takes on layers of flavor from shrimp, pork, and vegetables. In Deana Saukam’s version, you ladle the rich stock over crisp lettuce leaves and rice noodles then top to your liking with herbs, sliced chiles, soy sauce, and lime. Slideshow: More Noodle Soup Recipes 
Miso Chicken Ramen
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Sometimes a ramen fix is just the right thing, and this quick and easy version from Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple hits the spot. The addition of white miso and runny eggs are key to making it feel more special than standard chicken noodle soup. Slideshow: More Ramen Recipes 
Squash Soup with Silver Needle Noodles
Chef Stephanie Izard is hooked on these plump, chewy silver needle noodles that she discovered in China while researching for her Chicago restaurant Duck Duck Goat. Here, she makes a spicy, squash soup with shrimp stock and sambal and stirs in the noodles right before serving. If you would like to make this soup vegetarian, feel free to swap vegetable broth for the shrimp stock. Slideshow: More Noodle Recipes 
How to Make the Best Pho at Home
L.A.’s rising chef Tin Vuong reveals six essential tips for making the Vietnamese noodle soup.

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Tokyo Noodle Shop Receives the First-Ever Michelin Star for Ramen
It's official. Tokyo has received more Michelin stars than any other city for nine years running.
Squash Noodle Soup with Healing Turmeric-Ginger Broth, Roasted Carrots and Beluga Lentils
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"I had the legendary healing chicken noodle soup in mind when creating this recipe," says blogger Anya Kassoff. At the base of the broth is the powerful, anti-inflammatory trio of turmeric, ginger and garlic, finished with aromatic lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and lemon. Add the naturally occurring “noodles” from roasted spaghetti squash, carrots, lentils and spinach, and you’re up for a comforting and cleansing treat. Slideshow:  Chicken Soup Recipes 

Warm Soba with Pork, Shrimp and Cabbage

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This soup is packed with shrimp, pork, mushrooms, noodles and cabbage, so it's a terrific one-bowl meal. Grace Parisi delicately seasons the broth with store-bought dashi, a Japanese stock made from dried bonito (tuna) flakes. Tips from the F&W Test Kitchen Noodle Soup Recipes