Cream Soup

The next time you want a particularly comforting soup, opt for one that's cream-based. These heavy soups aren't the best for a low-calorie diet, but they're perfect for warming you on a cold night. Depending on your tastes, a soup may be smooth and pureed, as in this creamy, classic potato and leek, or chunky like New England chowder, brimming with clams, corn and potatoes. Food & Wine's guide has plenty of creamy soups to try out this fall and winter.

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Cream Soup
Browse Food & Wine's list of cream soups which include a cream of carrot soup with ginger and curry, a corn-and-cod chowder, a cauliflower soup with herbed goat cheese and more. These soups are smooth, silky and perfect for warming you up from the inside out.
Potato-Leek Soup Recipes
Potato and leek soup is a classic, typically made with just potatoes, leeks, chicken broth and heavy cream. This Americanized soup is a version of a French dish called Vichyssoise, made with the same ingredients but typically eaten chilled. Andrew Zimmern puts a sophisticated take on potato and leek soup by adding fragrant herbs like thyme, tarragon and parsley, along with wintery vegetables like onion and fennel. Put a Tuscan twist on this soup by upping the leek to potato ratio and adding vermouth and dry white wine. Whether you’re looking for an easy dinner or want to master a French classic, our guide to potato and leek soup has all the recipes you need.
Sweet Potato–Coconut Soup with Thai Curry
Rating: Unrated 2
A trio of coconut—coconut oil, coconut milk and toasted coconut flakes—makes its way into this fragrant and lovely twist on a classic Thanksgiving soup from cookbook author Melissa Clark. Slideshow: More Sweet Potato Recipes 
Celery Root Bisque with Walnut-Parsley Gremolata
Rating: Unrated 1
Food & Wine’s Kay Chun sneaks a small piece of Parmesan cheese into this lovely soup, giving it a flavor boost. To make it extra special, she serves the silky bisque topped with a nutty, crunchy and vibrant walnut-and-parsley gremolata. Slideshow: More Celery Root Recipes 
Cream of Celery Soup
Rating: Unrated 2
Creamy and cozy, this soup gets deep flavor from celery root, celery stalks and celery leaves. Spinach and parsley add color, while sourdough croutons give the soup a nice crunch. Slideshow: More Soup Recipes 
Creamy Potato Soup
For a lighter version of this soup, use milk in place of the half & half. Slideshow:  More Warming Soup Recipes 

More Cream Soup

Bacon Cheddar Potato Soup
Feel free to substitute yellow cheddar for a fun color change in this soup. Slideshow:  More Warming Soup Recipes 
Russian Potato Soup
Often served chunky, a quick pulse in the blender turns this soup into a creamier soup. Slideshow:  More Russian Recipes 
Creamy Roasted Broccoli Soup
Rating: 3 stars

Roasting broccoli and garlic for this creamy, rich and very easy soup gives it a lot of additional flavor. Slideshow: More Warming Soups