Clam Chowder

Travel to different areas in the Northeast and you'll likely meet some people who are passionate about their clam chowder and how it should be prepared. Most everyone is familiar with New England–style chowder, a thick, cream-based version with hearty chunks of potatoes. Manhattan clam chowder is red from its tomato base, which makes for a nice acidic balance to briny clams. Lesser-known Rhode Island–style chowder begins with a clear clam broth that contributes to most of its flavor. Then there are chefs who go beyond these traditional recipes, such as David Myers, who puts a Japanese twist on New England clam chowder by adding white miso to the broth. Get this recipe and more delicious ideas from Food & Wine's guide to clam chowder.

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Clam Chowder

A fall river clam chowder, a cherrystone clam chowder with corn and a smoky clam chowderare just a few of the comforting clam chowder recipes featured in this collection.

Creamy Clam and White Bean Chowder

White beans substitute for the usual potatoes in this chowder, made with sweet butternut squash, briny littleneck clams and smoky bacon. Rancho Gordo cellini beans give the soup a buttery richness, but Great Northern beans are terrific as well.  Warming Soup Recipes

Cherrystone Clam Chowder with Corn

Clambakes are a regular part of summer parties in Maine. Alexandra and Eliot Angle usually make this smoky, creamy chowder with the leftovers, but it can easily be prepared with shucked, store-bought clams and served as a clambake starter.    More Amazing Seafood Recipes  

White Corn and Clam Chowder

The corn and the clam perfectly complement each other in this delicious chowder recipe.

Smoky Clam Chowder

The Good News Nicki Reiss set out to develop this hearty, healthful, tomato-packed clam chowder based on flavors she enjoyed on a trip to Spain. As an alternative to smoky (and fatty) chorizo, Reiss turned to soyrizo (available at, her favorite soy-based vegetarian sausage.    More Seafood Recipes  

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Panhandle Clam Chowder

At the Owl Cafe in Apalachicola, mother-daughter chefs Susan Gary and Cassie Gary are lucky enough to be just four blocks away from the Gulf of Mexico and all its abundant seafood.    Warming Soup Recipes  

Miso Clam Chowder with Parsley Oil

Chef Way David Myers garnishes his chowder with an edible still life of clams, mushrooms, dried seaweed and crisp mitsuba (a Japanese herb). Easy Way A small amount of savory white miso paste gives New England–style clam chowder a Japanese accent. Parsley oil adds flavor.  More Mollusk Recipes