New England chowder is a thick cream-based soup typically made with corn, potatoes, fish or clams (or, if you're lucky, all of the above). This hearty soup can be traced back to New England—hence its name—where it still remains popular today. Chowder is meant to be a down-home meal that's relatively easy prepare, allowing you to utilize seasonal produce, like corn in the summer—and if you're on the coast, the catch of the day. If you're craving a filling bowl of chowder, turn to Food & Wine's guide to find dozens of terrific recipes.

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PEI-Style Smoky Clam Chowder
Finnan haddie, or cold-smoked cured haddock, gives this brothy chowder a deep, clean, smoky foundation that highlights sweet clams without overwhelming them. Using a mixture of lightly mashed potatoes and hald-and-half to thicken and enrich the soup gives it a silky, but not heavy, texture.
Seafood-and-Seaweed Chowder
A combination of dry hard cider and dried seaweed brings a sweet, mild salinity to the stock, making it ideal for precooking the mussels and clams before using it as the base of the chowder.
Whitefish, Leek and Celery Chowder with White Beans
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Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple puts his own spin on chowder here, using beans instead of potatoes, and smoky whitefish in place of bacon. It’s hearty and delicious but lighter and fresher than most chowders. Slideshow: More Chowder Recipes 
Clam Chowder
A fall river clam chowder, a cherrystone clam chowder with corn and a smoky clam chowderare just a few of the comforting clam chowder recipes featured in this collection.
Corn Chowder
These corn chowder recipes combine the vegetable with a variety of eclectic ingredients. Some of our favorites include a corn-and-cod chowder, a corn chowder with bacon and sea scallops and a Peruvian shrimp-and-corn chowder.
7 Killer Corn Chowders
Here, the seven greatest corn chowders.

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White Corn and Clam Chowder
The corn and the clam perfectly complement each other in this delicious chowder recipe.
Tomato Clam Chowder
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This simple tomato clam chowder will satisfy any type of foodie.
Smoky Clam Chowder

The Good News Nicki Reiss set out to develop this hearty, healthful, tomato-packed clam chowder based on flavors she enjoyed on a trip to Spain. As an alternative to smoky (and fatty) chorizo, Reiss turned to soyrizo (available at, her favorite soy-based vegetarian sausage. More Seafood Recipes