Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is one of our go-to meals when we’re sick, but it makes a pretty tasty dinner even if you don’t have a runny nose. To make this classic soup a little more exciting, we love to add cayenne, shiitake mushrooms, ginger, red curry paste or spinach. One of the easiest upgrades for chicken soup is simply stirring in pesto—it’s like adding garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan, basil and S+P all at once, so it’s a supereasy shortcut and gives the broth a beautiful color. You can make your own pesto, or use store-bought to save some time. If you’re looking for a more classic recipe, try adding carrots, parsnips and dill—the root vegetables will add sweetness, and fresh dill will give the soup a fresh, fragrant flavor. Whether you’re a chicken noodle soup purist or want to spice things up, F&W’s guide has a recipe for every occasion.

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Chicken Soup

These comforting recipes include classic chicken noodle soup and hearty chicken-and-sausage gumbo.

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The Good News The Chinese have considered the shiitake a symbol of longevity for thousands of years; recent research shows that it's a great source of iron and antioxidants. Here, Nichole Birdsall adds the mushrooms to a soulful recipe passed on to her by her grandmother. "It's a comfort thing. If I need to feel a family connection, I make that soup," she says.    More Chicken Soup Recipes