Chicken soup is a global comfort food. Here are 13 delicious ways to make it.

By Kristin Donnelly
Updated June 28, 2017
Italian Ramen

Chicken soup is a global comfort food. Here are 13 delicious ways to make it.

1. Mexican. Infuse your broth with allspice, oregano and lime to make a tomatoey chicken soup that's popular in the Yucatán. Or make an updated tortilla soup with a silky, spicy, butter-enriched broth.

2. Greek. Turn the classic sauce of broth, egg yolks and lemon, known as avgolemono, into a hearty soup with the addition of rice and shredded chicken.

3. Italian. Float lemon-parmesan dumplings in chicken stock for an insanely comforting soup. If you don't want to make dumplings, add cooked pasta and spinach and then some beaten eggs and cook them until wispy or add a soft-boiled egg to a basil-garnished broth for an Italian take on ramen.

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4. Spanish. Blend jarred piquillo peppers with hummus and chicken stock to make a totally inauthentic (but delicious) Spanish chicken soup.

5. Ukrainian. For a super-tangy soup inspired by solyanka (a meaty eastern European dish), add diced dill pickles, pickle brine and tomato paste to a cabbage-rich chicken soup.

6. West African. Add ginger, tomatoes, curry powder, coconut milk and green banana for a rich and unusual chicken soup.

7. North African. For a light and simple version of chorba (a Moroccan chicken soup), make a cumin-and-saffron-infused broth and serve the soup garnished with walnuts and cilantro.

8. Colombian. Add corn, avocado and potatoes as they do in Colombia, or, make a lightened version of this famous dish, known as ajiaco and swap in brown rice for the potatoes and yogurt for the sour cream topping.

9. Cambodian. Make a restorative ginger-infused broth and serve it chock full of chicken, shrimp and herbs.

10. Thai. Add lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and coconut milk to a lime-spiked broth.

11. Vietnamese. For a version of chicken pho, roast onions and ginger for the rich bone broth and serve with slurpable rice noodles.

12. Chinese. Make a take on hot pot by serving chicken, tofu and mushrooms with a mushroom-, ginger- and garlic-infused broth to pour on top.

13. Korean. In place of the usual noodles, use udon and add tofu, kimchi and fish sauce for a fiery, deliciously funky chicken soup.

Kristin Donnelly is a former Food & Wine editor and cofounder of Stewart & Claire, an all-natural line of lip balms made in Brooklyn.