Bean Soup

Bean soups are a simple way to make a filling yet inexpensive meal for your family—and beans are always an excellent option for vegetarians, since they’re packed with protein. Because beans are relatively tasteless on their own, they’re great at absorbing the flavors of other ingredients and seasonings in your soup. Check out Food & Wine's guide to classic bean soups, which features recipes for everything from rustic white bean to Mexican black bean and sausage.

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Black Bean Soup Recipes

Fresh summer produce, creamy avocado and spicy sausage make wonderful additions to simple black bean soup, and feel free to dial up the heat. Whether you're looking for an alternative to classic chili or need an easy, hearty vegetarian dinner, these fantastic soups are perfect for any time of year.

Lentil Soup Recipes

Lentil soup is not only healthy and easy to make, but perfect to prepare in big batches and save for luch or dinner throughout the week. Here, a selection of comforting lentil soup recipes, including a lentil and garlic-sausage soup and a lentil miso soup with bacon sabayon.

Bean Soup Recipes

From white bean soup with asparagus and peas to Mexican black bean soup with spicy sausage, here at Food & Wine's best bean soup recipes.

Fast Vegan Black Bean Chili with Malbec

This chili is dead simple—it’s really just spiced black beans that are delicious served with brown rice or corn bread or even half of a roasted sweet potato.

French-Onion-Style White Bean Soup

This soup goes back, as Gwyneth Paltrow writes in My Father's Daughter, to a French restaurant called La Serre in Los Angeles where she used to eat with her father. "I've always loved the idea of French onion soup," Gwyneth says, "without actually liking the soup itself." She cooks the onions slowly with fennel and lots of garlic, makes the soup with vegetable stock and sets the filled bowls under the broiler topped with a slice of toasted bread and a generous handful of grated cheese. Slideshow: More Fantastic Soups

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