Snoop Dogg Is Launching His Own Coffee Line Inspired by His Travels to Indonesia

Snoop says his new coffee line INDOxyz will "change the industry."

Has anyone ever seen Snoop Dogg sleep? It doesn’t seem possible, when you consider everything that the rap legend is involved in. Within the past few months, he’s announced his own namesake breakfast cereal, filed a trademark for “Snoop Doggs” hot dogs, and rolled out a line of THC-infused onion snacks. And, despite currently being several dates into a European tour, the inexhaustible Doggfather has just co-launched a new coffee brand, too. 

Snoop has partnered with Indonesian coffee entrepreneur Michael Riady on INDOxyz, which they describe as a “lifestyle coffee brand.”

According to a press release, INDOxyz’s coffee beans are sourced from the Indonesian islands of Bali, Java, Sulawesi, and Sumatra. The green beans will be roasted in Los Angeles, before being either packaged as INDOxyz’s single-origin whole bean coffee, or brewed and canned.  

“My relationship with coffee goes way back,” Snoop Dogg said. “The many long nights in the studio making hit after hit, coffee provided the fuel which kept us going [...] Indo is going to change the industry, I can promise you that.” 

INDOxyz will launch in California — no surprise there — before rolling out to Las Vegas and eventually the rest of the country. All of INDOxyz's offerings will be available through the company's website, BevMo, and GoPuff, and at retailers including Albertsons, Amazon, Erewhon, Pavilions, Safeway, Sprouts, and Vons. Each can of cold brew has a suggested price of $5.99, while each bag of roasted whole bean coffee will start at $17.99. 

"I've always had love in Indonesia, and Michael always took care of us when we were over there," Snoop Dogg told Daily Coffee News. "He showed me the best coffee in the world and we made it happen from there."

Snoop Dogg

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He might be slightly biased, but Riady says he believes the new coffee is "the best tasting" on the market.

"I want to make coffee fun and cool, and having Snoop as a partner gives us that edge," Riady added. "It's been an incredible journey working with him and building this company, and I think that together we can make an impact in the industry with a brand that resonates with the next generation." 

That should tide Snoop Dogg over for the next 15 minutes until he's back onstage or has another brand to launch. And maybe INDOxyz is just what we need to try (TRY!) to keep up.

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