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Bokksu Brings an Assortment of Japanese Snacks Right to Your Door
Entrepreneur Danny Taing bridges cultures one tasty snack at a time.
Five Reasons Corn Nuts Are the Perfect Road Trip Snack
An ode to the salty, crunchy snack that won’t get crumbs all up in your car seats.
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Are Perfect, No Notes
Channel the confidence of a snack that knows exactly what it is.
18 of Our Favorite Sweet Snacks
Do sweet snacks like rich puddings and decadent cakes call your name in the middle of the night? Are crispy shortbread cookies on your mind for a midday snack attack? Level up your sweet snack game by making dessert treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. We rounded up our favorite sweet snacks for midnight feasters, afternoon snackers, and dessert-time lovers. Check out recipes like thick and velvety Ravo pudding, rich and creamy Chocolate-Buttermilk Snack Cakes, and buttery, nutty Salted Tahini-Chocolate Shortbread. Read on for these dessert snack recipes and more.
Chips Are the Ultimate Snack and You Can't Convince Me Otherwise
I don’t know what we did to deserve these salty snacks, but I’m grateful.
Editors' Picks: 11 Best Snack Recipes
Whether they are salty, crunchy, chewy, creamy or sweet, the best snacks start with the best snack recipes. The Food & Wine editors rounded up their favorite snack recipes, ranging from creamy dips to bite-sized morsels and crunchy mixes. These nibbles can help you bridge the gap between meals, make excellent kitchen snacks or appetizers, or stand in as an entire meal. Whip up Fancy Clam Dip in no time at all, satisfy a sweet tooth with Salted Caramel Brownies or get crunchy with Chivda. Read on for those recipes, and to check out more of our best snack recipes.

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Real ones know the best peanuts are grown and fried in Eastern North Carolina. Eating them just might be the lord’s work. 
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Quick and simple with a little flair, we've rounded up our favorite snacks that can dress to impress but are easy to make at a moment's notice. Ranging from a satisfying Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød to a crunchy Popcorn with Sesame-Glazed Pistachios and buttery, spicy Buffalo-Style Snack Mix, these delicious recipes are perfect for any snack situation. Serve them at parties, take them on the go, or enjoy them for movie night or game day. Read on for more fancy snack recipes you can make for any occasion (or no occasion at all).
Indulge in Real Spa Food, Turkish Hammam-Style

Self-care shouldn't mean deprivation. Take a lesson from the delicious and generous Turkish hammam experience and make dishes that nourish you inside and out.