Our favorite snacks and candies from the road.

By Oset Babür
September 08, 2020
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We respect a good postcard or magnet memento from the road, but for team F&W, the ultimate reminder of an incredible trip to Italy, Australia, Turkey, or Mexico comes from popping into a local corner store for colorful, carry-on-friendly packages of sweet, salty, crunchy, and spicy snacks. Here are some of our editors’ favorite edible souvenirs from around the world and how to get them shipped to you.

Bags of snacks
Credit: Victor Protasio

De La Rosa Pulparindo

Made from tamarind pulp, sugar, salt, and chiles, Pulparindo candy is puckeringly tart, with just enough heat to make Associate Food Editor Kelsey Youngman go back for another bite.

De La Rosa Pulparindo 20 Pack, $6 at amazon.com

Ülker Biskrem Duo

We see your cookies and cream and raise you Biskrem Duo. For Associate Restaurant Editor Oset Babür, these cocoa cream– filled pinwheel biscuits taste like childhood summers spent in Istanbul.

Biskrem Duo Cookies, $5 at amazon.com

Torres Selecta Black Truffle Potato Chips

These chips are made with dehydrated black truffles instead of truffle oil, making them Restaurant Editor Khushbu Shah’s go-to for a luxurious snack.

Torres Black Truffle Potato Chips, $12 for 3 bags at amazon.com

Pan di Stelle Cookies

Roman gelato shop Frigidarium crushes up these cocoa-and- hazelnut biscuits and swirls them into caramel gelato, but Assistant Editor Nina Friend loves them just as much on their own.

Pan di Stelle Cookies, $11 at amazon.com

Simba Chutney Chips

Associate Digital Editor Meg Soll likes to pair these tangy South African chips, flavored with Mrs. H.S. Ball’s Original Chutney, a beloved South African condiment, with dried apricots and droëwors, a dried sausage.

Simba Mrs. Ball's Chutney Flavored Potato Chips, $18 at amazon.com

McVitie’s Penguin Biscuits

Youngman also has been known to smuggle home these crisp chocolate cookies, which sandwich milk chocolate cream and are drenched in even more chocolate.

McVities Penguin Milk Chocolate Covered Cream Filled Biscuits, $25 at amazon.com

Lay’s Thai Bbq Shrimp Potato Chips

These chips have a dreamy balance of sweet and umami that Babür can’t get enough of. Once when she was out of furikake, she even crushed up these chips and sprinkled them on rice.

Lay's Thai BBQ Shrimp Flavored Chips, $4 at muchpak.com

Arnott’s Pizza Shapes

These oven-baked Aussie crackers are topped with cheese, tomato powder, garlic powder, and, according to Deputy Editor Melanie Hansche, some finger-licking-good sorcery.

Arnott's Pizza Shapes Crackers, $9 at amazon.com