Grazing boards are a magnet for the hungry, curious, and indecisive.

By Oset Babür
December 09, 2020
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This holiday season, expand your ambitions from the tried-and-true charcuterie board to a lush, eye-catching grazing table. Pack it with crudités and fruit paired with our favorite new snacks from around the world, and there’s sure to be something to satisfy every kind of snacker. More is more here—the name of the game when setting this table is options, options, options.

Credit: Photo by Caitlin Bensel / Food Styling by Rishon Hanners / Prop Styling by Christine Keely
Credit: Hungry Bird Eats

Inspired by Danish knækbrød, Tina Diep’s Hungry Bird Eats seeded crackers pair especially well with cheese, jam, and cured meats. $15 for 3,

Credit: Amazon

Infused with cold-pressed black truffle oil, this ranch is our new favorite dip, pizza topping, and salad dressing. From carrots to potato chips, there’s truly no bad combination here. $20 at

Credit: Amazon

Think of all the indulgence of a coconut macaroon but with less sugar: These shreds of toasted Thai coconut with just a hint of citrus deserve a spot on your grazing table. $5 at

Credit: Makhana Chili Lime Lily Seed Pops

These tiny, crunchy, tangy, and slightly spicy popped seeds will delight even the most dedicated popcorn fiends. $20 for 4 at

Credit: Friends N Family

Looking for a balanced salsa without too much heat? Hemp seeds add welcome crunch in this tomatillo salsa lovingly made by Austin-based sommelier couple Juan Carlos Flores and Vilma Mazaite. $27 for 3 at

Credit: Pipcorn

We weren’t surprised to find that Pipcorn dippers and Trufflin ranch are a match made in heaven, but these heirloom corn scoops with a prominent kick of savory black truffle are equally dreamy when dipped in queso, salsa, or used to scoop up caviar. $16 for 4 at

Credit: Sach Foods

You might be accustomed to using paneer in curries and stews, but we can’t stop noshing on cubes of Sach Foods’ spicy, smoky habanero paneer. $8 at

Credit: Amazon

Made in Uganda, these jackfruit chews have that sweet, zesty, I’ll-have-just-one-more quality about them that means we usually make it through an entire bag in just one go. $30 for 6 at